Best After Christmas Sales

Happy Wednesday and welcome back! I hope you all had a very beautiful Christmas day!! We just stayed at home and enjoyed our first Christmas morning as a Mr. and Mrs., then we had family over and feasted on a delicious meal cooked by my favorite chef (my husband). We played games, watched Christmas movies, and relaxed the rest of the day. It was wonderful!! Now I’m all rested and ready to hit those after Christmas sales! I typically like to go after the crowds have slowed down a little bit. Usually, I search for Christmas decor and other Winter related things that I refuse to pay full price for. I shared five of my favorite after Christmas finds last year, and today I’m sharing five more. Get your notebooks ready!

Being married to a computer technician, I never have to worry about finding the best deals on electronics ever again. He watches those deals like a hawk. Some of the best electronics sales happen after Christmas and before the New Year. They’re always different and they’re always changing, so it really depends what you’re after. But we’ve both scored amazing deals on computers in the past few years!
Holiday China
If you’re really into collecting different China pieces for particular seasons and holidays, right after Christmas is a great time to stock up on pretty Santa Claus coffee mugs or gingerbread plates. There’s no need for these in stores any more and they’re guaranteed to be at a huge discount right now. I’d highly recommend going to your favorite decor store and seeing what they have to offer.
Holiday Cards
Unless you’re someone who sends Christmas card pictures, now is the best time to grab some Christmas cards for next year. There’s no reason to ever pay full price for items like these when they don’t ever go out of style and you know it’s something you’ll definitely need for next year. Just like wrapping paper, grab it now!
This is mainly for Winter clothing like flannel pajama sets, coats, slippers, scarves, gloves, etc. that didn’t get sold before the holidays. But oftentimes, stores will have other items on sale too that you can wear year round like jeans and shirts. Target is my favorite place to buy clothing this year and I will definitely be dropping in to see what they have on sale!
You know those holiday food bundles or chocolate baskets that are full of brands that you’ve never heard of before? I don’t know about you, but I’m always concerned about buying them at full price before Christmas because I’m unsure about the quality. I’m such a food junkie, though, that I can’t help myself when I finally see these on sale. I have to know what it’s all about!
If you’re braving the crowds for these after Christmas sales, I wish you much luck! If it’s too cold outside, or if you’re just a homebody like myself, then there’s always online shopping. Just make sure you shop with Ebates to get your cash back and save even more money. Who doesn’t want that??

How was your Christmas this year? Do you have any after Christmas shopping traditions? Let me know in the comments below!


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