Black Friday & Cyber Monday Haul ~ 2017

I’ve never been much of a Black Friday shopper, especially when it comes to actually going into stores. I’ve always just stayed in my pajamas at home and shopped on the computer, except for when I worked retail and was forced to be in the stores at 3 am. That was pretty much my plan for this year also, just as I mentioned in my Top 10 Black Friday Picks post, but that’s not exactly what happened. I ended up leaving the house pretty late on Friday and stayed out much longer than I was expecting. The sales were so good and lasted longer than they have in previous years, which means I spent way too much money!!

I’ll start with home stuff first, then move into fashion, and finish with makeup. When it comes to home decor, especially seasonal items, I always like to wait until after the season’s over and stock up on things when they’re on sale. I originally walked into Old Time Pottery looking for pots for some of my inside plants, but then I saw that they had all of their Fall decor 75% off and just started throwing stuff in the buggy. Everything you see in the picture was under $5 each except for the bigger basket in the center, which was $6. This was definitely the best deal of the day. I got all eight of these items for $22, which was less than the original price of one of these!
I’ve had three Earthbound essential oils before and really enjoyed them. I ran out of my last one not too long ago and needed to get some more. I didn’t know if they were on sale, or even what their original price was because there were no signs in the store, but I paid a total of $10 for three of them. I think that’s a great deal! I got Strawberry Melon, Aphrodisiac (the only one of these three that I’ve had before), and Relaxation. I just wish they had a description of the individual scents that make up the named ones because I can’t put my finger on it exactly. Aphrodisiac is a little more light and fruity, whereas Relaxation is slightly more heavy.
I made a total of four Target transactions on Black Friday and I am not ashamed of it. They had some amazing deals that I just kept going back for. I’ve always wanted to try their Signature Soy candles and since they were on sale Buy 1 at $5 get 1 free, it was the perfect chance to get a variety of Winter scents. I got Hot Buttered Rum, Roasted Chestnut, Through The Woods, and Merry & Bright. I can’t wait to set these up with my Christmas decor and officially get into the Christmas spirit!
I’m one of those people that has to touch everything when I walk in a store because I’m always on the hunt for the softest clothes possible. Let me tell you, Target has got that covered this year. I’ve never felt so many soft clothes in my life! And they have so many relatable graphic shirts, like the first sweater shown below. I’m completely and totally obsessed with coffee, so this shirt was an absolute must. The second sweater was just too cute, super soft, and for only $10 there was no way I could pass it up. These are both by one of their new brands called Grayson Threads and I’m wearing a small in each.
If you read my monthly favorites post from November, then you probably remember me talking about another brand that’s pretty new to Target called A New Day. They also have extremely soft clothes and even though I already own two other colors of this same exact long sleeve shirt, that did not stop me from picking up two more in black and green. I’m always cold and I know I’ll get a lot of use out of these. Plus, y’all know how much I love my basic tees!
It might sound crazy, but I’ve actually never bought anything from Macy’s before. There’s not one anywhere near me and I haven’t ever been impressed when I’ve walked in their stores in the past. I’m (obviously) more of a Target type of girl. But they were actually having some really good sales and I knew this would be the perfect time to stock up on some sweaters, which is something I have almost zero of. #FloridaLife
The sweater shown above is from a brand called Hippie Rose. Both me and my husband ordered quite a bit off of their site that night, so I can’t remember what I paid for any of these. I ordered a size small and thankfully it fits great. It’s not very heavy or scratchy, which is something I was really worried about.

I’m so obsessed with the cardigan in the picture below, I’m probably gonna end up wearing it way too much. I got this one in a size medium because I like my cardigans to be a little big. It fits perfectly and is super soft. It’s really hard to tell when ordering clothes online what they’re actually going to feel like, but I was impressed with everything that I got. The best part about this is that it has pockets!! Automatic win.
I’ve been really into beanies lately and I’m not really sure why. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s probably because Jacob wears them a lot when it starts to get colder outside. I used to wear them when I was younger and then just stopped for whatever reason. I picked it back up again and got this Neff one from Macy’s. The color online makes it looks much more teal, it’s really just a basic blue in person. It’s still nice, but I would’ve rather have the color they advertised it to be.
Y’all know I’m not really a trend follower. I have styles that I like and that I typically stick to, whether it’s makeup, fashion, whatever. One trend that I’m super loving this year, though, is all of these cold shoulder tops. They’re so easy to find in any store you walk into and I think it looks flattering on everyone. Turtlenecks are usually a little hard for me to wear because I hate feeling trapped underneath so much clothing, but this one is pretty loose and I think it looks so pretty in this cream shade. I got this in a size small and it fits great, I especially appreciate that it’s a little bit longer by my hands.
You might find this hard to believe, but I’ve never tried an eyeshadow from IT Cosmetics before. I’ve had my eye on this Naturally Pretty palette for years and have never actually looked into purchasing it because high-end brands like this never go on sale. It was finally 50% off for Ulta’s Cyber Monday and I snagged it online the second the sales went live. I am so excited to play around with this and to have it in my collection now.
I ran out of my favorite Makeup Geek Bad Habit contour powder and needed to get a new one. Thankfully they were having a sale for Black Friday and I got to pick up a few other things too. I got a new blush in the shade Heart Throb, two new eyeshadows in the shades Cupcake and Tuscan Sun (swatched last in the picture below), and a plush lip creme in the shade Old Soul.

I’ve never tried any of their lip products before, so I’m excited to see how I like this one. I’m super picky about lip products, but I’ve never tried anything from Makeup Geek that I didn’t like so I’m keeping my hopes up for this one. I can automatically tell from the swatches of the powder products that something is different about the formula of these, but in a good way. They were already really soft to the touch before, and now they seem to be even more buttery. I didn't even know that was possible!
I’ve watched Kathleen Lights on Youtube for years and if you’ve ever been on my blog before, then you’d probably realize from my weekly Mani Monday posts that I love nail polish. Ever since she announced her nail polish brand last year, I was so excited and knew I wanted to try some eventually.

They are typically $8.50 a piece and since I love my Sinful Colors and Essence polishes so much that are only $1.99, I decided to wait for a sale. She had some great ones for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, some of which are still going on right now! You can get three polishes for $15 making them only $5 a piece. That’s much better! I got the trio called Work Wife, which came with the shades Aquarius (left), Coconut Milk (middle), and Lumiere (right). I can’t wait to try these out!!
I can’t believe how many good deals I got this Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend. Based on the past few years, I wasn’t really expecting much but these stores came to play. The sales lasted much longer than before and I found things that I actually wanted. Talk about retail therapy!!

Did you go Black Friday shopping this year? What were some of your favorite sales?

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