Christmas Gift Guide For Him

Women always talk about how men are so incredibly difficult to buy for, and while I would agree with that for the most part, I think it’s getting a little easier for me. At least for this year, anyway. I’ve done a pretty good job of keeping a list in my phone of gift ideas that pop into my head at any given moment. So now that it’s time to actually purchase them, I have the brainstorming part already out of the way. If you’re having a difficult time deciding what to give a special guy in your life this Christmas, hopefully you can find some inspiration in this post with gifts that I have given in the past that have gone over extremely well.

I didn’t list these in any particular order, but first we’re starting with a set of pocket knives. It doesn’t technically have to be a set, you could get him just one and I’m sure it’d be perfectly fine. These are by the brand Buck and they’re from Lowe’s. I can’t find the exact set that these came in, but here is the link for the bigger of the two shown below. My husband used to use his keys for everything and that just wasn’t cutting it anymore (pun intended). He gets so much use out of these now and really enjoys them.
Within the past year or so, we’ve really gotten into popping our own popcorn. It could have had something to do with the fact that we kept burning the pre-packaged bags, but it’s probably more because it just tastes so much better this way. The stove option works great, we just don’t always want to dirty another pot. Getting an air popper makes it so much faster and easier to make delicious popcorn fast without burning anything or dirtying any extra dishes. It’s perfect!
Christmas is a great time to gift some nice exotic coffee beans that people might not otherwise typically buy for themselves. We loveddd the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee when we were there for our honeymoon, but didn’t bring any back with us because it all looked too touristy and overpriced. I found the Blue Macaw Coffee Roasters on eBay, ordered a pound of their Jamaican coffee, and now I don’t know how I’m ever gonna go back to drinking anything else. It’s by far the most delicious coffee I’ve ever tasted in my life!!
You can never go wrong with a good cookbook. I just bought this one on Amazon for Jacob’s birthday, it’s called Cooking in the Deep-South with Chef Bob. Chef Bob is actually the man who we had cater our wedding and if you saw my last wedding post going over all the details, then you might remember how amazing the food was. We included a lot of Southern comfort foods in our menu and Jacob wants to know all the knowledge that Chef Bob is willing to tell him. I know this cookbook will get much use in our house!!
I know you know what a man’s phone always looks like. Dirty with a case that’s barely holding on anymore, right? I don’t get how they do it, but they always find a way to destroy every case known to man. Or at least my husband does anyway. This might require a bit more searching and would really depend on the phone he has. I can definitely say that I don’t recommend an Otterbox, though. Jacob had one for two years, he’s never taken it off, and it still allowed the phone screen to shatter and the phone to bend. There has to be something more sturdy!
I featured Jord wood watches in my Christmas gift guide for women last year and I still wear that watch very often. My husband loved the watch so much that I even gifted an engraved wood watch to him for a wedding gift. It’s so funny that it happened that way because when we returned home from our honeymoon, I received an email offering to work with Jord for the holidays again this year as well. The style watch they sent this time was a mens and thankfully, it’s different enough from the one I gave him. This style is called the Stacked Sandalwood and Olive with Ivory from their Hyde collection. I really love the way these colors look on him!!

Their site is very easy to navigate and look through the different styles for both men and women. One new feature they added that they didn’t offer last year is customization. You can now add personalized engraving on the backplate of the watch for an extra $35. The watches arrive in a beautiful wood box, which you might have seen on my Instagram. Those are also available for customizing a personal message and is a beautiful way to store the watch. There are a lot of wood watch companies out there now, more than what I had thought there was, and I can tell you that Jord is definitely one that I would recommend. Both watches we own from them are very nice and lightweight to wear.
As I mentioned in my gift guide post on Monday, Jacob introduced me to a website called Personalization Mall. It’s actually where he ordered my wedding gift from. They have so much on that site, but something that I think most men could probably use is a nice beer glass. They have many different styles to choose from, they ship pretty quickly after placing your order, and they don’t charge anything extra for personalizing. This is definitely one of my new favorite places to find gifts!
These next two items might be things that men don’t think they really need until they actually have them. I think I’ve had to buy Jacob a new pair of slippers every Christmas. He’s always liked the ones I picked out, but we recently just got this Gold Toe pair from Macy’s and they’re definitely his favorite. I think it’s because they’re so easy to slip on and off. Men also seem to think they don’t need robes either, but always end up wearing them when they see it hanging in their closet. Target has the softest clothes right now and the one shown below is super soft without feeling too heavy.
The last two items I have to mention are both gifts that I’ve given Jacob in the past and are what he says were some of his favorite presents to receive. I found this Syma X5SW drone on Amazon. It’s pretty affordable compared to what other models can cost. For being his first drone, he found it pretty easy to learn and he’s really enjoyed playing with it. I would recommend buying some backup batteries, though, because they only last about five minutes before needing to be charged again.
We have so many kitchen appliances, but one thing that we were missing was a toaster oven. We didn’t really think we needed one until Jacob saw this Elite Cuisine one at Target and haddd to have it last year. It’s not just a simple toaster oven, it also has a rotisserie feature, can act as a convection oven, and has a griddle, grill, and steam feature on top with a high dome lid. I never would’ve thought we would have used this as much as we do. There’s nothing like having your own rotisserie at home!
Men can be super difficult to buy for, especially when you have to ask them what they want. But I hope you found this post helpful and gave you a few ideas for this holiday season! These are all presents that I’ve given in the past and they have gone over very well. A few of these are only able to be ordered online, but before you do any online shopping make sure you’ve signed up for Ebates and have it active in your browser. You can get so much cash back during the holidays! I never shop online without it.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you given any of these gifts before? What’s your best gift recommendation?


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