Christmas Eyeshadow Tutorial

Christmas is almost here, just one more week!! It’s coming up so fast this year, it almost caught me by surprise. Just as I did with Thanksgiving, I’m also planning out my Christmas makeup and outfit. I know I can’t be the only one who does that! I typically do something similar every year, but the products always change as I find new favorites. I like to create a more classic glam look, with browns and champagne tones on the eye paired with a bold red lip.

I’ll be working with a lot of browns for this look, so I started by priming my eyes with the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Beige Luster. I’ll also be using some glitters towards the end and this primer is more tacky than the other ones that I own, which will really help to keep the glitter in place.
I’ll be using mostly NYX single eyeshadows for this look, but these are very popular shades that you probably already have in your collection. The first one I’m using is called True Taupe and I’m applying that very carelessly in my crease with a Morphe MB23 brush. This is a super light eyeshadow, so you really can’t mess this up at all. I’m just using it to add a slight definition to the crease and create a gradient between the shades.
Taking a shade that’s just a little bit darker than the first, this one is called Underneath It All and is part of their Nude Matte Collection. I’m applying that with a Sephora Professionals blending brush to the outer half of my eye, working the excess product up into the crease. This is a nice mid-range cool toned brown and once I have that color built up enough, I went back and blended it even more with an empty loose bristled blending brush.
To add even more dimension and create a smokey-eye type of effect, I’m taking the shade called Charcoal Brown and placing that on the very outer corner of my eye in a sideways “V” shape with a BH Cosmetics #104 angled blending brush from their Eye Essential Brush Set. Because of the angle on this brush, it makes it very easy to lay the color exactly where I want it and then switch to a different brush to blend out the edges.
Before finishing up on the upper lid, I’m taking some of Underneath It All and placing that directly below my lower lashes with a BH Cosmetics #105 pencil brush from that same brush set. Doing this will combine everything together and prevent the look from appearing too top heavy.
Now it’s time for the glitter. I should probably mention that this is a look that you definitely want to do before you apply all of your face makeup because even though we applied the eye primer, that doesn’t prevent the glitter from getting all over the cheeks. I’m using the NYX Roll On Shimmer in the shade Salmon. You just roll it on like those old school lip glosses and then blend it out with a brush. It is extremely messy, but it’s sooo pretty!
You know this wouldn’t be a proper tutorial of mine if I didn’t include the Ulta Naked single eyeshadow. I seriously do use this shade every single time I do my makeup! I’m taking this on a Sephora Professionals smudge brush and placing that on the inner corner of my eye to add some contrast to the Salmon shade and create more dimension.
For eyeliner, I applied my favorite Lancome Drama Liqui-Pencil in the shade Noir Intense halfway along both the upper and lower lashes. To set that in place and also create a softer appearance, I applied the NYX single eyeshadow in Black directly on top of the pencil liner with an angled Ecotools brush. Because the brush is much more precise than the pencil, I also brought it in very slightly on the inner corner without making that area too dark. I really want to keep the focus on the glitter.
This is a more glam holiday look, so I would definitely recommend adding a pair of false lashes if you’re comfortable with it. That’s no exactly my forte, so I just piled on the mascara and called it a day. Whichever route you take, just please make sure to curl those lashes. It makes a world of a difference!!
Here’s a close up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
This is such a classic look, I love it! I chose to pair it with my current favorite cold shoulder turtleneck sweater that I got at Macy’s. With turtlenecks, I typically like to wear my hair up so I don’t have to feel like there’s too much going on in the neck area. I promise this tutorial isn’t sponsored, but the lip combo I’m wearing also features two of my favorite NYX lippies. I applied the NYX Matte lipstick in the shade Perfect Red first and then topped it with the NYX Butter Gloss in the shade Cherry Pie. It’s such a perfect true red without any obvious undertones and the gloss smells like sugar cookies!

If you recreate this look or get inspired to create something similar, don’t forget to tag me on any of my social media -- links are at the bottom of the post. I’d love to see what you come up with! Do you have a favorite Christmas makeup look? Would you rather take it super glam or more casual?

~Mani Monday~
I’m still in that phase of testing out this new trio that I recently bought from KL Polish. Last week’s Aquarius wore pretty well, and this week I’m wearing the shade called Coconut Milk. This soft white is a beautiful color, especially for the week before Christmas. I am taking update pictures of these polishes and will be posting a full review on them in the future. This one did go on a little more streaky than the darker shade, but I was able to build it up after two coats.
What’s on your nails this week?


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