Winky Lux Kitten Eyeshadow Palette Review

Winky Lux is a brand that hasn’t been talked about too much in the beauty community, but I’ve noticed that they have been working their way into the scene more and more lately. I’ve tried one or two of their products previously and had mixed feelings about it, so I was interested to see what this Kitten eyeshadow palette had to offer. It’s more colorful on the inside than what I would typically lean towards, but the formula claims seem to be pretty promising.

If you like cats, then you might be all about the packaging of this palette. I much prefer dogs, but that doesn’t mean I want them on the front of my makeup. It just seems a little childish to me. It looks like something that would be in Claire’s or something. But the actual palette and packaging itself, aside from the cat faces, seems pretty sturdy just like most other cardboard type of palettes.
The names are listed on the back, which isn’t my favorite because you constantly have to flip the palette over. But I guess it’s better than not having any shade names at all. This palette retails for $25 and you get a total of nine eyeshadows. It is pretty small, so it’s easy to carry during travel, and there is no mirror or applicator included with it. Boxycharm is listed in gold writing on the front of the packaging, but I don’t know if they actually collaborated on it or if it’s just Boxycharm exclusive. Not that it really matters, though.
Most of the shade names are related to cats in some way. The colors included are: Purr, Duchess, Strut, Holographic, 9 Lives, Cateye, Romeo, Cheshire, and Boots. Duchess, Strut, Cheshire and Boots are all mattes. Romeo seems to be the only satin finish in the palette, and obviously Holographic is the only holographic shade. Purr, 9 Lives, and Cateye are all glittery. Cateye is definitely the most buttery feeling of them all, it seriously almost feels like a cream shadow!
This palette takes me a little out of my comfort zone because it’s much more colorful when you open it up than what I would typically reach for. However, I’ve used this many times and have really enjoyed the looks I’ve created with it, such as the one I featured in my recent tutorial. I agree with the shade finishes on each color and it has everything in it that I would need from start to finish without having to reach for anything else. A palette that can do that really ranks higher than ones that can’t.

The shades are very easy to work with and have a pretty good wear time. With a primer, I can typically get away with these for about seven to eight hours with no creasing and minimal fading. Overall, I do think it’s a great palette when considering the quality, the color selection, the price, and the amount of product that you get. I would say it’s one that I would recommend!

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