Our Wedding Day: 6 Months Later

Exactly six months ago from today, I married the man of my dreams. We were just talking about it the other day, thinking that it doesn’t even feel like six months. Not in the sense that it feels like it was yesterday, but in the sense that it feels like it was forever ago. Maybe it’s because of the way our relationship was before we officially tied the knot. Since we had lived together for 3 ½ out of the five years we had been together, I always wondered what would change after getting married. Now six months in, I’m here to update you on just that...life after the wedding.

I did have a short post wedding series, just like I did during the planning process. You can catch up on all of those details here. So this will kinda be an update post wrapping up all the loose ends to that series.

Once we got back from our honeymoon and the wedding was over, we basically got straight into pick-up mode. We worked hard on getting as much stuff done as we could. Between unpacking, cleaning, organizing, finding a place for things, and sending out thank you notes, I’d say the majority of stuff got done pretty quickly. Probably because we knew we had so many home renovations that we were looking forward to starting.
Notice that I said we got the majority of stuff done, meaning not all of it. We still have some things we’ve pushed to the side that we just haven’t gotten around to, mainly because we’re just over it. I hate clutter and I don’t know where to store things, so I just have it out of sight right now until I get in the mood to tackle the rest of it. One thing I did just recently do is print out pictures of our engagement, the wedding, and the honeymoon. 544 pictures I had to go through and put into albums!! I love pictures, but that was pushing it!

I did send my dress off to get cleaned and got that back. It was like an add-on kit when I bought the dress to get it cleaned and preserved for life. Little did I know the box would be so huge, and you can’t open it, so now we’re stuck trying to figure out a good place to store that too. But, that process was very easy and I'm really glad we decided to buy the cleaning kit because the bottom of my dress was disgusting! I had no idea it would get so dirty.
Immediately after the honeymoon, we went through all the necessary steps to get my name changed. It’s not like I hated my maiden name and couldn’t wait to get rid of it, I was just so proud to take my husband’s name and make it feel even more official. I know there’s all kinds of variations that women do with their names now, but I dropped my maiden name completely to keep it traditional and simple.

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t a little concerned about all that it would take to change my name. People have always made it seem like a big deal or something that is super difficult and annoying to do, but it actually wasn’t that bad. There are checklists online everywhere now to make it easy. I maybe had to go to three or four places and that was it. I don’t know what everyone else is complaining about! One thing that I still need to do soon is send in my passport to change my name on that too. You have a year to do it for free, I just keep forgetting.
As far as life after the wedding, everything is actually pretty much the same. Like I said, we already felt like we were basically married before and we were already set in our routines so nothing much changed. If anything, I’d just say that now we just have a stronger bond. I love saying “my husband” and signing my new name. I love finally being an official family.

And speaking of family, I know as soon as you get married everyone starts asking you about children. I’ve always said I wanted to have kids, but now that I’m actually at the age where we might start thinking about it I’ve realized that I’m just not ready yet. As bad as it might sound, I have no problem admitting that I’m still much too selfish to be a mom right now. Thankfully, we haven’t had any annoyances or pressure yet. I’m hoping things will stay that way.
I remember reading in my wedding planner that some women get sad after the wedding and planning process are over because they feel like they miss it. I was pretty chill through the entire planning process, so I kinda thought I wasn’t going to feel that way but I didn’t count it out because ya never know! Now that it’s over, I can say that I don’t miss the planning process at all. There were times where I got really annoyed with the stress that it caused and now I’m happy it’s finished, and I can just enjoy being married. Life is great right now! ♥
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