Profusion Cosmetics Mixed Metals Peach Palette Review

Profusion Cosmetics has really been forcing their way into the beauty community within the past few months, even though they’ve been around for much longer. If you read my review of their brand 1 ½  years ago, then you might have been a little confused when I included this Mixed Metals Peach eyeshadow palette in my most recent favorites post. Well, it seems that they’ve really stepped up their game and have finally come to play. I had no idea what I was in for when I received this palette!

You can now purchase Profusion products at Target, and I usually see them in stores like TJ Maxx or Burlington also. Profusion Cosmetics is known to be very affordable, which would explain the price of this palette being only $10! Between the amount of product you get and the quality of the packaging, that’s making it even better than an Elf palette!!
You get nine eyeshadows in this palette and a huge mirror. There is no applicator included, but I’d much prefer shade names and a mirror anyway. It does come in plastic packaging and the outside has a beautiful matte black finish. It actually feels a lot more heavy and high-quality than almost any other drugstore palette that I’ve ever felt before. Not to mention how impressive the front of the palette looks also, making for a great eye catching first impression.
This is a very warm-toned peach palette which is something that is really popular right now. The shades included are: Polite, Wannabe, Ecstatic, Outgoing, Certain, Outspoken, Crimson, Bordeaux, and Special. I’m not sure what theme they were going for with the names, but they’re all very easy and cute. Out of the shades included, Certain and Bordeaux seem to be the only shimmers. Polite, Wannabe, and Ecstatic all seem to have a little bit of glitter in them but it’s extremely sparse. All of the other shades are completely matte.
As you can see in the swatch picture above, this palette provides some serious pigmentation. I think they have a beautiful selection of colors, although there are a few that look very similar. With an eyeshadow primer, these last an entire eight hours on the eyes before I start to notice any fading or creasing. Keep an eye out for a tutorial coming up next week! ;)

However, there are a few things that I would change about it. The first, and most obvious when holding this in person, is the scent. It has a very, very strong artificial peach scent that can almost make me sick. I think adding a scent is a cute little touch, they just went way too overboard with it! The other thing is that it is missing a few shades, in my opinion. Instead of some of the colors looking so similar, I wish they would’ve included a matte cream shade and a really intense dark shade. Overall, I do really love this palette and I would say that I recommend it, especially when considering the price!

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