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Spring has to be one of my favorite seasons...right behind Summer and Fall. I guess what I’m basically saying here is that I just don’t like Winter aside from the fact that it has Christmas. I really don’t enjoy any sort of cold weather, so as Spring starts to roll in and everything starts coming back to life I think it’s such a beautiful time of the year. And with a new season comes all new clothes, trends, decor, and activities. In this Spring tag post I’m answering 15 questions about all my favorite Spring loves.

1.) Favorite Spring nail polish?
It’s hard for me to choose favorites when it comes to beauty products because I’m constantly changing my mind based on my mood. But when Spring comes around, I usually choose brighter colors for my nails like white and pastels.

2.) Favorite Spring lip color?
This is another one that changes with my mood. I typically wear my favorite berries all year long, but I do bring out some of my brighter pinks in the Spring because it reminds me of all the pretty new flower blooms.

3.) Favorite Spring dress?
This one really depends on the weather. If it’s still a little chilly outside, like it’s been lately, I tend to wear more maxi dresses. But if the weather is cooperating, I love any kind of loose, almost knee-length casual dress like the one pictured below. I picked that up at Rue21 last year and it’s so soft!!
4.) What’s your favorite flower?
I think I’m gonna have to go with hibiscus on this one. Although I do love roses, peonies, hydrangeas, and sunflowers also, three of which I have planted around our house. I’m don’t have much of a green thumb, though, so I typically leave the gardening to my husband.

5.) Favorite Spring accessory?
This is a little difficult because I don’t wear many accessories and when I do, it’s always the same necklace, watch, and a pair of stud earrings. But maybe the accessory that I wear the most in Spring is a cardigan. I bring jackets everywhere I go because I’m always cold, but in the Spring I switch out the sweaters for a lighter cardigan.

6.) What Spring trend are you most excited about?
The fact that I can “officially” wear white pants again. I’m not one to typically follow the rules when it comes to stuff like that, but I like being able to now wear white pants freely again. I just picked this pair up from Aeropostale and they are sooo comfy!!
7.) Favorite Spring candle?
I actually don’t have any candles that I’ve repurchased before. I keep the glade plug-ins in my walls around the house and Hawaiian Breeze is my year-round favorite scent. But when I do pick up new candles, I almost always go to TJ Maxx and choose something sweet and fruity.

8.) Favorite Spring body spray?  
There’s only one body spray that I have ever repurchased more than once and that is Beautiful Day by Bath & Body Works. It’s key notes are apples and florals. It’s very fresh and perfect for Spring!

9.) What is your favorite thing about Spring?
My favorite thing about Spring is just the weather change. I love the bright sun, the warmer weather, the time change making the days seem longer. I love watching all the flowers and trees come back to life. It’s like a fresh start that brightens the mood.
10.) Are you a Spring cleaner?
I’m an everything cleaner. I’m completely obsessed with having a clean house. Clutter drives me insane so when I notice things start piling up more than usual (no matter what time of year), I get rid of it immediately. I also go through and deep clean things regularly so there’s no opportunities for dust to build up either. I’m a full believer that a clean house is a happy house.

11.) What is the first wardrobe item you ditch in Spring?
Layers. It doesn’t matter what it is, layering clothes is one of my least favorite things about Winter. So as soon as that warm Spring sun hits, the layers get dropped. I have no problem wearing cardigans or lightweight jackets, but I go insane when I have to wear so many layers of clothes that I can’t even move. Yuck!

12.) Do you change your hair in Spring?
Not necessarily. I always get the same trim when I go to the salon, so it pretty much always stays the same. This year I got a slightly shorter cut back in February, but 2016 was definitely my most dramatic change when I dyed my hair for the first time. I started with blue and switched to pink, which I kept for a year before dying it back to brown for wedding activities. Not gonna lie, I kinda miss it and have been thinking of bringing it back. Any thoughts?
13.) What is Spring like where you live?
I live in Northwest Florida, so our Winter is usually like everyone else’s Spring and then we just jump straight to Summer. But this year was a little different, we actually had two snowfalls in Winter and the warmer weather is taking it’s time -- minus the week of 80’s that we had back in February. It actually doesn’t rain that much in Spring, though. Most of our rain comes in Summer.

14.) Favorite Spring footwear?
If you would’ve asked me before last year, I would’ve said flip flops. I live in Converse for the Winter and have always gone straight to flip flops as soon as it hits the mid 70’s. But last year, I found my new favorite sandal at Target that is more comfortable than anything else, so that’s definitely my answer now.

15.) Florals: yay or nay?
Oh, yay on florals all the way. They’ve totally made a comeback and I am all about it. Sometimes I can be a little picky because I don’t want it to look too dated, but for the most part I’m loving all the new floral prints.
Spring is so much fun! It’s great to finally be able to come out of hibernation mode and get outside again, especially before the mosquitoes officially make their appearance for the year. Now if we could just get some warmer weather so I could jump in the pool, we’d be all good!

If you enjoyed this post, leave me some of your answers in the comments section below! What is your favorite season? Does Spring represent new beginnings for you too?


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