Profusion Cosmetics Mixed Metals Peach Palette Tutorial

The amount of time it has taken me to get along with this peach eyeshadow trend is kinda ridiculous. Y’all know it takes me forever to fall in line with any trend, if at all, but I especially had some extra reservations about putting peachy colors on my eyes. I always thought they weren’t as flattering as some of my other cool-toned neutrals. In testing this Profusion Cosmetics Mixed Metals Peach palette, I’ve actually learned to appreciate all that the peach shadows have to offer and I’m much more comfortable with it now. Plus, the quality in this palette makes it super easy to work with!

Most of the eyeshadows in this palette are matte, so I’m using the Ulta Nude Matte primer to prep the eyes. The formula on this is a little dry and can be difficult to squeeze the product out, but I love that it provides some extra coverage. A little bit of this goes a long way and it actually holds up pretty well with my oily eyes.
I won’t be using any base shade from this palette, so we’re jumping right into the transition color. I took the shades Wannabe and Ecstatic on a blending brush and placed that into my crease and outer corner. These shades can be a little on the light side, so I really had to pack on a lot of the color onto the brush and be careful when tapping off the excess. As you can see from how dirty my palette is, these do kick up a lot of powder.
Then I used the shades Outgoing and Crimson (whose name accidentally got cut out of the picture) and placed that in the same area of my eye as the transition shades. Again, these two shades took a little bit of work to build up the color. It’s not because they’re not pigmented, it’s just because so much of the shadow falls off of the brush before touching it to the eye. Thankfully, these build up very easily.
To add a little extra definition, I took the shade Outspoken and placed that in a sideways “V” shape on the outer corner of my eye. When you buy this palette at Target, it actually comes with a small crease brush which is what I used for this step. It’s a really nice brush! Once the color was built up as much as I wanted it to be, I went in with a separate empty loose bristled blending brush to soften the look even more. That extra little blending really does make all the difference!
Then I took the lightest shade in the palette, Polite, and placed that on many other areas around the eye that I wanted to brighten. This worked as my eyelid shade, my brow bone highlight, as well as my inner corner highlight. It does have a slight satin finish to it that’s perfect for making it such a multipurpose shade. To get the most pigmentation out of it, I applied it to my eyelid with my finger first and then blended it out with a small shader brush.
For eyeliner, I brought in my Pacifica pencil liner in the shade Fringe and placed that halfway along both my upper and lower lashlines. Then I combined the shades Bordeaux and Special on an angled eyeliner brush and layered that directly on top of the pencil. Adding eyeshadow on top will help to soften the look even more, rather than leaving a more harsh line from the pencil.
I added a three coats of my Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint mascara and that was it! This isn’t a very heavy look, so it’s not one that I would typically pair false lashes with. Not to mention that the Tarte mascara provides some extreme volume and length. I’m really impressed with it!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
Once the eyeshadow was done, I also made it a point to use a few other Profusion Cosmetics products that I have to complete the rest of my face. The kit that this palette comes in also includes a Matte Lip Liner in the shade Matte Peach and a Metal Matte Lip Creme in the shade Metal Peach. I don’t believe you can purchase either of those individually from the brand, but that’s okay because they are no good! Although I absolutely love this eyeshadow palette, the lip pencil was much too dry and the lip creme was incredibly sticky!
I also have Profusion 6 Color Blush palette and the Highlight Makeup Case, both of which can be found at Target with the eyeshadow palette. For blush, I used a combination of the shades Lush and Great. They’re both beautiful shades on their own and looked gorgeous mixed together also. These are also very pigmented and easy to blend out.

In the highlight palette, I used a combination of the shades Jolly and Dreamy. Jolly had the peach tones to match the rest of the look, but I needed to use a little bit of Dreamy to lighten it up a little bit for my skin tone. These are also very pretty, although they can tend to have a slight chunky glitter effect to them rather than just leaving a glowy sheen to the cheeks.
All of these products are incredibly affordable (under $10 each), but the eyeshadow palette is definitely my favorite. It just has the best packaging, the highest feeling quality, and a great color selection. I definitely won’t be using the lip products ever again, but I can see myself reaching for the face palettes every now and then.

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