June Boxycharm Unboxing

It happened this month again! My Boxycharm showed up so early, much earlier than it ever has in the past and I absolutely loved it. The tracking email I received was all messed up on the carrier’s end, but that didn’t matter because I received my tracking email the day I received my box anyway. There are six new products included in this month’s box compared to the usual five, so I’m super excited about that. But before we go any further, let’s quickly review how last month’s items worked out for me.

~Aesthetica P12 Face Brush~ This one took some time to get used to. I was really interested in it’s unique shape, but I just couldn’t figure out what its best use was. Finally, I realized that I like using it for blending out bronzer and blush. It’s not the best for initial application, but it’s great for blending afterwards.

~Aesthetica 3 Piece Eye Trio~ The only one I really liked out of this set was the spoolie, which is pretty difficult for a brand to mess that up. The fine tipped eyeliner brush was too thin for me to use because it shows mistakes too easily. And the angled eyeliner brush was too thick for my preference. It made a much thicker line that what I like to see. There’s nothing wrong with the quality of the brushes, though.

~Cover FX Blurring Primer~ Although this reminds me exactly of the Benefit POREfessional primer and I’m almost completely convinced that those two products are the same thing, I still really enjoyed using this all month. It does a great job at blurring the pores and extending the wear of my makeup. However, I don’t know that I’ll repurchase it just because the price is too high in my opinion.

~ Pür Cosmetics Sculptor Palette~ This palette smells like cocoa and I love it. I also really love the colors they included and the quality of the actual product. The bronzers are super intense, so I have to be extremely careful with them. As you might have seen in my recent tutorial, this palette has been a great multitasker for eyeshadow. My only complaint is that the highlighters can be a little powdery at times.

~Pretty Vulgar The Ink Gel Liner (Black List)~ The quality of this eyeliner is great. It’s very pigmented, easy to work with, and it lasts all day long. What I don’t like about it is the packaging. I think it looks really cute, but the glass is black and you have to reach far into the jar to touch any product. It just makes it too much of a hassle.

~HAN Skin Care Cosmetics Lip Gloss (Nude Rose)~ I love this!!! This might be my favorite product from May’s box. I love the ingredients that this gloss is made with, I love the color of it, and I love the consistency. It is so comfortable to wear on the lips and the shade matches everything. I have to find more!

I really enjoyed the majority of the items in last month’s box. Although some of them weren’t my favorite, I still had fun testing everything and discovering new products. The theme for this month’s box is Caribbean Queen and it seems to be another collaboration with five more beauty influencers. I love the Caribbean, so this should be great!!
The first thing in the June box is this 3 piece flawless complexion brush set ($42) from Luxie. I love the pink and rose gold design of their brushes, they look so cute. This set includes their 522 Tapered Highlighter brush, the 660 Precision Foundation brush, and the 516 Duo Fibre Powder brush. While these look really pretty, I think it’s gonna take some time for me to figure these brushes out like last month’s P12 face brush. I love Luxie’s brush quality, but the shape of all three of these is really throwing me for a loop!
I’m really excited that this Sol De Janeiro Brazilian Bum Bum Cream was included in this box. I’ve heard about this body lotion for such a long time, but have never felt the urge to go pick it up for myself. This is just a small size, retailing at $10 for .84 fl oz. It claims to be rich in guarana, which is a native Amazonian plant with high caffeine levels. The caffeine will work to smooth and tighten the skin. It also has a pistachio caramel scent that smells absolutely delicious!
I’m pretty sure I’ve received a Jontéblu eyeliner pencil ($5) in a Boxycharm before, but it’s okay because this one is in the shade Dark Brown. I can never have enough brown eyeliners, they’re my favorite. I also remember enjoying the formula of this pencil in the past and as you can see in the swatch picture below, it’s pretty pigmented. This will be great for some Summer eyeshadow looks!
I’ve never heard of this Alamar Cosmetics brand before, but I’m always up to try some new eyeshadows! This is their Reina Del Caribe eyeshadow palette, which retails for $28. The packaging has some nice density to it that makes it feel more high-end. The graphics on the inside look super cute, although there is no mirror or applicator included.
There are four shimmer and four matte eyeshadows in this palette, which are all supposed to reflect Cuban culture. What’s interesting about these eyeshadows is that there is a symbol next to each shade. If there’s a water droplet, that means it can be used with a wet brush. If there is a sun symbol, it is meant to be applied with a dry brush. These do swatch beautifully, but I’m already pretty concerned about the blues. Not only did they dye my skin, they also dyed the edge of the cardboard. I don’t need blue-stained eyelids!
Something we don’t get very often in our boxes are eyelashes. It’s never bothered me because I don’t wear falsies at all, almost. I’m trying to get into it more, I just think a lot of it has to do with finding the right style to fit me perfectly. I’ve never heard of Battington lashes before, but this box looks promising.

These are their Monroe silk lashes that retail for $28. That’s a lot just for some fake lashes! They claim to have a 3-D multi-layered effect to provide moderate length and volume. They’re supposedly handmade with 100% silk to increase durability. These are more pretty than some other lashes I’ve seen, so I’m hoping I can make them work.
The last item in this box is (yet another) Ofra Long Lasting Liquid Lipstick. Yayyyy...Can you hear the sarcasm in my voice?!?! I’m so over liquid lipsticks and the whole matte trend, it’s not even funny y’all. This one is in the shade Verona ($21) and although it looks like a really pretty shade that I would typically enjoy, I’m really not looking forward to its formula drying out my lips again.
Between these six products, the total value for this month’s box is $134! I’m happy to finally be able to test the Brazilian Bum Bum Cream to see what all the hype is about and I’m interested to learn more about this eyeshadow palette. I’ll definitely be doing some research before playing with those blue shades, though! If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, there might still be enough time to grab this month’s box before they’re all gone. It’s like Christmas every month!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Did you get this month’s Boxycharm? What products are you most excited about?

~Mani Monday~
I was thinking about wearing a white nail polish this week because that’s one of my favorite colors to wear during Summer. But then this Ulta polish in the shade Life’s A Peach caught my eye. It’s very light, like a white would be, so that’s what I decided to go with. Unfortunately, it can be a little streaky during application which makes it not very fun to work with. The best solution I could come up with was to just apply thicker layers so the brush wouldn’t drag on the nail. That seemed to work pretty well and this it how it looks after two coats.
What’s on your nails this week?


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