Crown Brush Fuego Palette Review

Sharing my embarrassing stories always brings a good laugh and I feel like I’d be cheating you if I didn’t tell you the full story about when I first received this eyeshadow palette in my July Boxycharm. Basically, I saw this palette in the box...kinda. It didn’t catch my eye at first with its black packaging in the black box. I got excited about it when I first opened it. And then hours later when I went to play around with it again, I realized I had gotten the brand wrong. The whole time I thought this was from Coastal Scents. But no. It’s the Crown Brush Fuego Palette. So silly!

I’ve tried Coastal Scents eyeshadows before, but I can’t remember ever trying powder products from Crown Brush. I like a lot of their brushes, so I was hoping they brought the same quality to their eyeshadow palettes. It’s set in matte black packaging that’s very slim and has rose gold accents. There are ten eyeshadows included in the palette and it retails for $30.

It has a magnetic closure and a mirror, but there is no applicator included. One thing I immediately noticed was a quality control issue in that the mirror was crooked. I also think they could’ve provided a much bigger mirror considering the space that’s not being used on the top of the palette.
The back of the palette is completely empty, which I don’t really appreciate. There are no shade names or ingredients listed anywhere. In the majority of the marketing that I can find on this palette, they claim that there are 6 matte and 4 shimmer shades. However, that is false. There are five matte and five shimmers. The first, middle, and last shades in the top row are shimmers along with the first and last shades in the bottom row.

I’ve noticed a lot of inconsistencies in the pigmentation and texture among all the shadows. The shimmers swatch much better than the mattes do, for the most part. The first cream shimmer shade is almost completely undetectable in a finger swatch and on the eyelids. The last shade in the top row is definitely the most creamy, although all the mattes take some work to build up the pigmentation. These powders don’t have a lot of fallout, but I’d rather deal with that than shades that don’t show up. The shade selection is just okay. They definitely could’ve added in a few lighter and darker shades to create more contrast. Everything in this palette is almost the same tone.
Overall, I think it’s just an okay palette. It’s definitely not one that I would recommend you hunt down and buy immediately. I don’t even think it’s worth making a special purchase for. There are so many other warm-toned palettes on the market right now, many of which don’t have as many inconsistencies. Would they have offered a slightly different shade range, included shade names, an ingredients list, and provided a straight mirror I think this palette would have been more impressive.

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