Crown Brush Fuego Palette Tutorial

Last week, I posted my review on the Crown Brush Fuego eyeshadow palette. I shared my slightly embarrassing story of what I initially thought this palette was, as well as some changes that I think would make the palette more versatile. I’ve really warmed up to the warm-toned eyeshadows lately (pun intended), but this palette is a bit too red-based for my preference and one that I have a little trouble creating an entire look with. I challenged myself to do just that in this tutorial and really see what this palette can do.

I started by priming my eyes with my favorite Milani eyeshadow primer. It’s a matte primer that is great for oily eyelids! Normally, I would reach for a base shadow to set the primer but this palette doesn’t offer such a shade. So I went straight in with the lightest tan color in the palette (second on the top row) and blended that into my crease with a fluffy blending brush. The pigmentation on this is extremely light, so I had to add a few layers before I got what I wanted.
Taking a slightly more dense blending brush, I went into the fourth shade on the top row and put that on the outer third of my eye. This is a nice medium brown shade with strong warm (red) undertones. Again, I had to build this one up in three layers to get the color payoff that I was looking for.
For an everyday look, I’d leave it at that and add a lighter single shadow on the inner lid. But to create more of a smokey-eye effect, I took the third shade in the bottom row and placed that in a sideways “V” shape on the outer corner of my eye with an Elf Eyeshadow “C” Brush. This brush is great for packing on color! Once the color was laid down, I went in with a more loose-bristled empty blending brush to blend all the harsh lines. That really should be done after every step for the most seamless look possible.
If you feel like the darker colors went too high into the crease, you can go back in with that same brush and the light tan shade that we used in the first step. This will also help to soften the edges and provide more of a gradient effect from the lightest to darkest shades.
This is where I got a little nervous. There’s no shade in this palette that I would typically reach for to go on the inner half of my eye, so I was forced to use one of the darker red shades. I chose the most pigmented, creamy shade (last in the top row) and placed that wherever I didn’t have any other color on my lid.
At this point, everything was looking too monotone which is something they should improve on with the shade selection. I decided to add in a little bit of the lightest cream color in hopes of creating a gradient effect and brightening the inner part of the eye. To get as much pigmentation as possible, I patted it on with my finger and then gently blended out the edges with a small shader brush.
Adding in that lighter shade definitely helped a little bit, but it’s nothing close to what I was hoping for. So of course I had to bring in my trusty Ulta Naked single eyeshadow to brighten the very inner corner of the eye. Thankfully, this step did help quite a bit. You could even add a little of this on top of the cream shade on the lid to intensify it even more.
The shadows in this palette aren’t pigmented enough to use on their own as eyeliner, so I brought in the Jont├ęblu eyeliner pencil in the shade Dark Brown. It’s not the smoothest pencil available, but it matches the fourth shade in the bottom row perfectly. I applied the pencil halfway across my upper and lower lashlines first and then layered the eyeshadow over top of it to intensify the definition.
Last, but certainly not least, are the lashes. As per my usual mascara routine, I curled my lashes twice with a heated lash curler and applied three coats of the Wander Beauty Unlashed mascara. I’ve been loving this mascara lately! It does a great job of providing both length and volume without flaking off throughout the day.
Here’s a close-up of the finished look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
This did turn out to be a very red-toned eyeshadow look, which is something I’m not used to wearing. But when paired with the right outfit I think I can handle it every now and then. The palette just isn’t my favorite, so I’d probably reach for different products.

Along with the palette and mascara, I also challenged myself to use other products from my July Boxycharm including the Note Cosmetics blush in the shade Desert Rose and the Chella Eyebrow Cream. I can’t stand the packaging of the eyebrow product, but I love the finish it gives. The blush matches beautifully with this eyeshadow palette. The lip color I chose to pair it with is the Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Lip Shine in the shade Velvet Wine. Berry lips match with everything!

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Have you used this palette before? What do you think of red eyeshadow?


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