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I answered 20 beauty questions in last month’s Makeup Tag post and today I’m answering 20 more. I love posts like these because it gives me the opportunity to talk about makeup in a different context rather than reviews and tutorials. Sometimes I might not think to mention topics that these questions cover and this is a great way to share some of my favorite products, preferences, and secrets. If there’s any topic I don’t cover that you’re interested about, leave me a comment at the end to be featured in future posts!

1.) Do you use an eyeshadow primer?
Always. My eyelids are so oily, I have no other option. I’ve tried quite a few, but nothing compares to the Milani eyeshadow primer or the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes.

2.) How many hair products do you use on a typical day?
Not many. I’ve stopped using a bunch of products in my hair about a year ago and I’ve noticed such a big difference. Even my stylist has been commenting on how healthy my hair has been! I shampoo and condition my hair every night, a deep conditioner gets used twice a week in place of my normal conditioner, and most of the time I’ll also apply a leave-in cream. I’ve been testing the It’s a 10 Leave-In plus Keratin lately and I really like it. Every now and then I’ll use a curl cream, but that’s it.

3.) Are you clumsy when applying makeup?
I’m a little clumsy in the sense that I sometimes get powder all over the place, but I’m normally really precise when applying makeup to my face. I like to be as exact as possible during application and try to keep a steady hand to do so. But loose powders are almost impossible to not get all over my clothes and vanity.

4.) Do you like multifunctional products?
Only when I’m in a hurry. If I need to get ready fast, then multifunctional palettes are always what I reach for. I even have a tutorial showing how I can use one palette four different ways. But if I have the time to play around, I like to use a bunch of different products for all areas of the face.
5.) What do you apply first, concealer or foundation?
Foundation. I like to get that all over the skin first so I can see where I actually need concealer and just use that as a spot treatment.

6.) Do you ever think about taking makeup classes?
Not really, no. That thought has never crossed my mind. I discovered the online beauty community about six years ago and have learned so much that way.

7.) Name 5 of your favorite beauty gurus.
Oh, man! There are so many! I’ll go with my top 5 that I’ve stuck with for years that I’ve really learned from and trust completely. In no particular order:
  1. EmilyNoel83 knows so much about makeup and I love that she’s completely unbiased and unsponsored. She's been in the beauty community for years and her personality is so calming. I trust everything she recommends!
  2. Zabrena has some of the best drugstore recommendations. Her reviews are so thorough and I know I can count on her for base face products because she has super oily skin and lives in the hot, humid Florida weather just like me.
  3. Marlena is the founder of Makeup Geek and is so creative when it comes to colors. I admire the way she runs her business and her laugh is so contagious. She has a lot of educational videos, which have been very helpful.
  4. Kandee Johnson is like the OG of the beauty community. She’s an actual makeup artist and can do incredible transformations. I’ve learned so much from her and wish she was more active.
  5. I’m gonna cheat here and throw in three more because I just can’t narrow it down. KathleenLights has been killing it lately with her collabs and nail polish line. I love her sweet personality. Casey Holmes is a Southern girl with oily skin and a huge love for dogs just like me, so I feel like I can really relate to her. She recommends a good mix of drugstore and high-end products, and I know she’s always honest. Speaking of honesty, Jessica Braun will always tell you what she thinks and I appreciate that so much. She’s so real and always makes me laugh!
8.) What celebrity do you think always has great makeup?
Carrie Underwood. I’ve adored her makeup even back in her American Idol days, and it’s only gotten better. I don’t watch a lot of celebrity events, but I know Carrie Underwood will always show up with the best hair and makeup.
9.) Do you belong to any online makeup communities?
Ummm, I’m part of a few Facebook beauty pages and have accounts on sites like Influenster. But aside from that, wouldn’t all the social medias have their own makeup community sections?

10.) What three products are always in your purse?
If we’re talking beauty: Maybelline Baby Lips in the shade Cherry Me, Palladio blotting papers, and a mirror. If we’re talking about non-beauty related items, I always carry my phone, my wallet, and a hanky or tissue.

11.) Which is your favorite, eyeliner or mascara?
Mascara, definitely. That and concealer are two things that I absolutely cannot leave the house without. I love lashes!!

12.) Do you prefer a curling iron/wand or a straightener?
If you would have asked middle school Christina, I would have told you straightener. But I’ve since grown into my curly hair and will probably never wear it straight again. I have chubby cheeks and straight hair totally accentuates that, whereas voluminous curls make the face appear smaller. My favorite is the Nume Lustrum Curling Wand set because it has five different wand styles to choose from for every day of the week!
13.) How many lipsticks do you have right now?
Just lipsticks? I only have 36. If you add in glosses and liquid lipsticks, that number goes up to 99. I don’t have a problem...

14.) What is your favorite color of lipstick?
Berry. I love a few pinks and reds too, but I love almost all the berry shades. I just think they match with everything and they’re so flattering with my skin tone. Revlon’s Lip Butter in the shade Berry Smoothie is my go-to. Ulta’s Lip Butter in Enticing is a close second.

15.) When did you first start wearing makeup?
I was first allowed to wear “real” makeup when I entered middle school (6th grade). I was allowed to play with a few things before then, but of course that was just kiddie play makeup. Check the last Makeup Tag post to see what my first makeup item was!

16.) Do you ever put makeup on someone else?
I’ve only ever really put makeup on my younger sister when we were kids...with that kiddie play makeup. Pictures were taken to document that moment and it’s beyond embarrassing for the both of us. So needless to say, I retired that dream a long time ago! I did help my mom with her brows for my wedding day, though. And I must say, my skills have made a dramatic improvement. Maybe one day I’ll get the courage to try again.

17.) How many coats of mascara do you apply?
Most of the time, it’s three coats. You can read more about it in my mascara routine. I like to apply two coats to build volume right at the base of the lashes, then go through with a third coat to add length.
18.) Do you use lip liner?
Every now and then I do, but not normally. I typically reach for quick lip products like tinted balms and lip butters. Those don’t need a lip liner to keep them in place and I like my lip product application to be quick. The only time I reach for a lip liner is when I’m wearing a formula that I know needs a border.

19.) What eyeliner color is your favorite?
Brown and eggplant. I know this sounds silly coming from a beauty blogger, but I actually really dislike black eyeliner. It just looks so harsh to me. I love the softness that a brown liner provides while still shaping the eye. Opting for an eggplant shade adds in a hint of color that is barely noticeable, but matches beautifully with all eye colors.

20.) What is your funniest makeup memory?
OMG, it’s so embarrassing!! I’m sure I have a ton of stories, but there’s only one in particular that immediately comes to mind. So, I got glasses when I was in third grade. My family and I went out to eat almost every Friday night and one time, I was sitting outside a restaurant on a bench with this super cute metallic silver purse that I had.

Now, remember how I said I used to love playing with kiddie makeup? I carried that in my purse with me because, duh. Well, I thought I was gonna be little miss thang and put some makeup on while I was waiting. I pulled out my purpley-blue eyeshadow, tapped some on the sponge tip applicator, and BAM! Right onto my glasses it went. I completely even forgot that I had them on and wasn’t used to taking them off to apply eyeshadow. Everyone laughed so hard they almost cried, including me. Years later and nothing’s changed. I still do silly things with/without my glasses, especially when I switch back and forth between wearing contacts.
Even though I had to share my embarrassing stories about not knowing how to do makeup and how many lip products I’m (not) hoarding, I really enjoyed all of these questions. It’s rare that I stop to actively think about things such as my favorite beauty gurus and the celebrities with the best makeup. I like presenting this opportunity to bring attention to those things.

If you have any other questions for me, please feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Who are some of your favorite beauty gurus? What is one of your funniest makeup memories?

P.S. What are we thinking about these throwback pics with the pink hair? I’m kinda wanting to bring it back!


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