Beauty Product Fails #7

It’s been quite a while since I’ve talked about some of my beauty product fails and let me tell you, my “trash” pile has only been growing. I find a lot of good makeup and beauty products that I really enjoy almost daily, but there’s always going to be those products that just don’t make the cut. With the makeup market being so saturated right now, there’s no time to be wasting on products that aren’t 100% amazing. I never try to “make” a product work because I know there’s always something else available that will perform for me. So here’s five more beauty products that aren’t worth your money:

Magnetic lashes. Oh my, where do I even begin with these? I remember being so confused when these first hit the market. I wasn’t sure if it would be bad for the eyes or if it would be some life-changing type of product. The majority of people have had a really difficult time applying these, but I saw a few tutorials that made it look easy so I caved and picked up the Ardell Magnetic Accents. I went with the accents because I thought they’d be easier than a full band. Ha!

I like the fact that they’re reusable and there’s no worry of glue damaging your natural lashes, but I could not get these to work for anything! They sat on my vanity for over a month and I’d sit down to play with them every so often. But every time I did so, I could never figure it out and my eyes would start to water from trying so hard. The most difficult part was getting the magnets to line up and not fall out of place. I’m not a big fan of false lashes to begin with, but I’d take the glue-on ones any day over these.
I have had the most up-down, back-and-forth relationship with this Ulta Nude Matte eyeshadow primer than I’ve had with any other product ever before. I didn’t like this when I first got it because the product had separated and it was too oily, even after trying to massage it together in the tube first. Then I loved it for a while after the oil came out and thought it worked well as a primer. My favorite part was that it provided a little extra coverage on the lids.

Now, I’m back to not liking it because I’m forced to throw it away with a ton of product left in it. I noticed it starting to get more dry every time I used it and one day, nothing came out. I stuck a toothpick inside thinking it might be clogged and that still didn’t help. Ughh! I guess Milani’s eyeshadow primer really is the best and I should just stick with that.
I wasn’t sure what to think about this Tarte Tarteist Pro Glow liquid highlighter when I first got it in my April Boxycharm. It’s very rare that I ever wear highlighter, but I was hoping I could at least use it as an eyeshadow primer. The shade I have is Exposed and that’s one thing I absolutely love about it. The color is stunning, but the actual product is a little off.

I wasn’t able to use it as an eyeshadow primer because it was too liquidy and not tacky enough. The shimmer became almost undetectable after trying to blend it in such a small area. And when I tried to use it as highlighter like they intended, all I could see was individual specks of glitter on my cheeks. I’m just glad this came in a Boxycharm so I didn’t waste my money buying the full size individually.  
There’s been a few Profusion Cosmetics packages sent my way and most of the time, their products are always a hit or miss for me. But one that I’ve never liked the formula of is their Metal Matte Lip Cremes. This one in particular is the shade Metal Peach. Not that the color really matters, though, because it’s the discomfort of the formula that I don’t like. Even with a lip balm layered underneath these are some of the most dry, crackly feeling matte lip products I’ve ever tried. I wouldn’t typically suggest a matte liquid lipstick anyway, but this is especially one to stay away from.
The last fail I’ll mention in this post also came in one of my old Boxycharms. This is the Cougar Beauty Mineral Face and Body Shimmer. The shade I have is Diamond Kiss. I’ve never really understood how exactly this powder was meant to be used. It’s pretty to look at when you swatch it, but other than that it just leaves me feeling confused. I wouldn’t put such a shimmery yellow on my face and it would definitely look fake and obvious anywhere on my body. Don’t judge, but it’s been sitting in my drawer untouched for two years. If that’s not a perfect example of a fail, I don’t know what is!
I think I had some pretty good fails this time around, and hopefully I was able to save you some money on things you might have been interested in trying. In today’s world, there’s no reason you should ever have to settle on something like a makeup product. And if you ever purchase something that doesn’t completely satisfy your needs, don’t be afraid to return it and try something new!

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This week I’m wearing Grape Minds Think Alike by Wet n Wild. I think this might only be the second time I’ve worn this polish, but I remember my husband complimenting how well it matched with my skin tone so of course that’s gonna make me wanna wear it again! These are super affordable at the drugstore (less than $2 each) and they actually last all week when paired with a good base coat. Keep an eye out for a post coming next week, I’ve found the best base coat ever!
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