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Well this haul is a little unexpected! But I can explain! So...the Nordstrom Anniversary sale came around and every blogger in the world was pushing their links. I’ve never shopped at Nordstrom and I never plan to. We won’t get into that. Anyway, I waited for the Amazon Prime Day sales instead. When that day came around, I found a few things I really wanted to order but ended up talking myself out of it because it wasn’t anything that I actually needed. I mean, who needs cute oversized sweaters in the middle of Florida Summers anyway?! I only ended up buying one thing on the Prime Day sales before heading to Forever21’s website. I had been watching their activewear for months waiting for a sale and they finally had one. The prices were unbeatable and they were offering free shipping with no minimum order. Needless to say, I went a little crazy.

I started out by specifically looking for activewear, but once I realized they were having huge sales on almost everything else I just had to look around. Obviously! I found this Surplice Geometric Romper for $6!! It was originally $19.90 and immediately made it into the cart. There were two other patterns to choose from, but this is different than anything else in my closet.

I love the way it fits and that it covers everything so I don’t have to worry about wearing any special kind of bra. The pattern is super cute and it’s so comfortable! The only thing I would change about it would be to add pockets. Other than that, I have no complaints. Best $6 I’ve ever spent on an outfit!
This Floral Surplice Maxi Dress was the only thing that wasn’t on sale. It was full price at $17.90, but that’s still super affordable for an entire outfit and I was obsessed with the slit on the side. It’s very breathable and fits perfectly. Again, I love that it covers the entire back and has slightly wider fabric on the shoulders to hide bra straps. It did go a little low in the chest region, so I had to bring in a safety pin to take care of that. I love the print on it and that it doesn’t completely drag the ground. I ordered this in a small, along with everything else.
Dresses are my favorite because they’re so easy. I don’t have to worry about matching anything and they basically feel like I’m just wearing a more fashionable nightgown. I was kinda on the fence about this Floral V-Neck Contrast Maxi Dress because it was a ‘final sale’ item and I wasn’t sure about the design or how it would fit. The color was a little lighter on the website photo and it looked more loose-fitting. But in person, it’s actually much more vibrant and hugs the waist.

There’s slits on both sides of this one and I love that it has sleeves to keep me warm. I’m always cold! This is the only one that has a zipper in the back and a slip underneath. It’s really comfortable, but not too long either. I ended up grabbing this for $14.40 and I’m so happy I decided to get it.
Now onto what I actually set out to get...sports bras. I’m really picky about the sports bras that I wear. I only ever wear them for an hour a day when I’m doing Pilates, but I don’t want them to be too tight feeling and I want my back to be able to breathe. I noticed Forever21 had a large selection of strappy back sports bras, which are actually really difficult to find anywhere else.

This one is a medium impact that I scored for only $6.30!! The color is Sage. I like that it has a slight v-neck to it so there’s a bigger area for air to get to my skin when I get hot. The adjustable straps in the back are a big bonus that I didn’t even think about! This is definitely my favorite out of the three that I ordered.
It might sound silly, but I actually only ordered this next one because the colors are white and gold -- my favorite combo! It has a classic racerback, which is something I was trying to stay away from. But during the sale, they were sold out of a lot of sizes so I couldn’t get most of the strappy back low impact styles I wanted. I got this one for $6.70, but I’m actually planning on returning it. There’s not anything wrong with it, I just don’t need high-impact support and I really would prefer more strappy back options. It does have a black mesh on the back, though, so it would be a more breathable option if you are looking for high-impact styles.
The one I was most excited about is actually the one that I was the most disappointed with. This had the strappiest back out of the three that I ordered, but that ended up being what I don’t like about it. The straps kept getting in the way of my shoulder blades, making it very uncomfortable to move my arms. The front also fit a little strange. It was only $7.15, but I’m returning this one too and getting something more comfortable. I really wish it would’ve worked out because I loved the pink marble design.
It’s been such a long time since I’ve done a haul, including makeup or clothes! One thing that I do want to mention, though, is that the shipping took forever. I did get free shipping and I do believe the package was sent out the day after I placed my order. But then it took two weeks before it was delivered to me. Honestly, that’s pretty pathetic. Thankfully I’m happy with the majority of the items that I ordered and the amazing sales I was able to take advantage of.

If you have any questions about any of the items I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. What do you think of Forever21? Have you shopped any good sales lately?


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