How to Keep Makeup Fresh All Day

Living in Florida is a blessing that I am thankful for every day because it really is such paradise. The humidity, though, is not so fun. And when you add in my extremely oily skin on top of that, it’s not always a cute combination. If given the time, I could easily spend close to an hour doing just my makeup. There’s no way I’m gonna allow the oil and humidity to mess it up! After many years of struggles, I’ve finally found a few good tricks to keeping my makeup looking and feeling fresh all day.

Obviously, the first step is actually putting on the makeup. Check out this post to learn how to avoid cake face and the best tips for flawless application. I’ve also done a post on how to stay matte all day, but this is a little different.

Once the makeup is applied, my first trick is to use a facial spray. You could use a setting spray immediately after you finish your makeup to set everything in place. They even make some that are targeted for oily skin, but my favorite has been this Evian Facial Spray. It’s not a setting spray that’s meant to extend the wear of your makeup, which is fine because I tackle those issues during application.

What I like about this is that it has such a fine mist so it really helps everything melt into the skin beautifully. I use this immediately after application, but it’s also great as a refresher any time during the day. I even have a mini size that I can keep in my purse or in my car for easy access to freshness whenever I need it.
Blotting papers are also a great way to keep your makeup looking fresh all day. Almost everyone is into the whole dewy skin trend right now, but I’ve never liked that look. Whether it comes from natural oils or an artificial highlight, I think it makes the face look dirty like it needs to be washed. So I always make sure I have blotting papers ready to prevent my oil from getting out of hand.

My favorite are any kind that have powder on them because it’s more of a two in one. By blotting the oil and adding powder at the same time, it’ll absorb what’s sitting on top of the skin and catch any more oil that comes out from the pores for a few hours afterwards.
Along with blotting papers, mattifying powders are also available. They can work great and this Ofra one even adds a slight brightening effect when used in the center of the face. However, this isn’t always the best option when you’re on the go. I usually only use this if I’m at home because it requires a few more steps.

Before you apply the powder, the excess oil still needs to be removed from the surface of the skin. Otherwise it will transfer into the powder and ruin the formula. If you’ve ever noticed a weird texture on the top of your powder products, it’s oil! That’s another reason why it’s important to wash your brushes and only apply makeup to a clean face.
Application is still the most important when it comes to your makeup lasting and staying in place all day, but adding these few steps whenever you get oily will definitely prevent all the products from sliding around the face. I’m telling you, that Evian water might not seem like a big deal but once you try it you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s so worth it!!

If you found this post helpful, please feel free to share it using one of the buttons below. If you have any other questions, leave them for me in the comments. Have you tried the Evian facial spray before? What are some of your favorite tricks to fresh makeup?

~Mani Monday~
For my nails this week I chose to wear what is probably my most fancy nail polish in my entire collection. This one is called Le Smoking by Estee Lauder. It’s just a mini size that I got in a gift set for Christmas an embarrassingly long time ago. I’m actually pretty surprised at how well it’s held up over the years. It hasn’t acquired any kind of “old” polish scent and the formula is just as good as it was brand new. Although I don’t recommend spending $22 on a full size bottle of this, I will be enjoying the color and formula while I still have it.
What’s on your nails this week?


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