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There’s just a few things that I actually enjoy more than coffee and over the years, I’ve realized how important it is to take care of your skin. Put those two things together and you have Callyssee Cosmetics. I was recently introduced to this brand to collab on Instagram. I had the opportunity to try a bunch of their products and let me tell you, this has to have been some of my favorite experimenting just because of the delicious scent these products have. Coffee and skincare, talk about a refreshing way to wake up in the mornings!

As of right now, I believe Callyssee products are only available for purchase on their website. They have a very large price range, which we’ll discuss with each product. I think some are priced appropriately, whereas others are overpriced for what they are. I didn’t see anything on their website that says they offer free shipping, but they do include samples with every order. They have a decent amount of products to choose from within their line, although they are still smaller than other brands.

The first product that caught my attention the most is their Macchiato Foaming Cleansing Scrubber. The soft scrubber tip is supposed to gently scrub and help deep clean the skin. This cleanser is listed at $26, which is a little more than what I would say its worth. The scrubber does make it unique, but that’s even more than what I used to pay for Clinique face cleansers!

It did leave my face feeling clean and it didn’t leave behind any soapy residue. However, I can’t say that I’ll be repurchasing it just because of the price. My favorite Cetaphil cleanser does just as good of a job and is $19 less for 11 oz more.
I think this Buffing Beans Cocoa Body Scrub ($14.50 for the small size) has super cute packaging and it smells delicious. The scrub itself was pretty good, but it ended up being the adorable packaging that I didn’t like. It looks precious sitting on the counter, it’s just not very practical. I couldn’t use it in the shower because water would get all in the product. I just found it to be too messy and would rather use my favorite Tree Hut body scrub instead.
I tried quite a few of the face masks that they offer, the first being their Caffeine Rush Nourishing Facial Sheet Masks. This comes in a set of 3 for $28.50. Again, I think that price is just ridiculous for the amount that you get. I wasn’t sure how I was going to like these because I’m not a fan of sheet masks to begin with. I tried one and it was just like any other sheet mask I’ve ever tried, so I passed the other two to my sister. These do have a slight coffee scent, but it’s not as noticeable as some of the other products.  
The Chocolatey Peel Off Mask is one of the newest products that they offer. When I got this to try, it wasn’t even listed on their website yet! Honestly, this might be my favorite product out of the bunch. It smells just like chocolate and the scent lasts! Y’all know how much I love my Aztec Secret Indian Healing clay mask that is insanely affordable (on Amazon). Because that one is so amazing, I’m very rarely ever impressed by any other masks. This one is definitely an exception!

This mask doesn’t need to be applied as thick as most of the other peel off masks that I’ve ever tried. After application, I immediately started feeling it tingle. I love that because I know it’s working. It was completely dry and ready to peel up after 15 minutes. It left my face feeling so smooth and really did a great job at cleaning out my pores. I would think about repurchasing this one if it weren’t for the price. $32 is too much to ask for 2 oz of product!
Eye masks have been one of my biggest obsessions recently. I always thought they were nice, but within the past few months I’ve really started appreciating how luxurious of an experience they really are. These Perk Up Your Eyes Caffeine Dermis Masks are just as comfortable as they look! I only received one pack to try, but the full size is $49 for 12 sets -- making it about $4 for one use. When breaking it down like that, it doesn’t seem like it’s as big of a commitment as seeing $50 for one item in your cart.

These didn’t have any smell to them, which was a little disappointing. They are completely gel, so they’re very comfortable under the eyes. I liked the thick density they had to them because that helped them stay in place rather than slide all over the face. They felt really cooling and left my under eye area feeling very refreshed.

I also received a little foil sample packet of their Café con Leche Hydrating Mask, which retails at $34 for the full size. It smelled really good and I enjoyed that there were coffee beans in the formula to help exfoliate the skin. However, I don’t think it did much for really cleaning my skin. I like the tub packaging that the full size comes in, but I don’t think $34 is worth it to just hydrate my skin.
I also tested out their Coffee To-Go Travel Size Kit. It retails for $35 and is definitely the most reasonably priced item that they offer. I think it’s a great way to try out a wide range of products from the brand before purchasing the full size. The kit includes a reusable coffee cup (not pictured) and travel size bottles of their Pure Brew Micellar Cleansing Water, Foaming Skin Milk, Fresh Brew Facial Toner, Whipped Moisturizing Cream for Normal to Dry Skin, Doppio Firming Eye Serum, Rich and Creamy Moisturizing Night Cream, and a foil sample packet of their Smooth as Butter Body Butter - Vanilla. I’ve linked each item individually so you can read details of each of these products. No links are affiliate*

All of the full size products in this kit range from $22-44. I think that’s a bit excessive. Although I did like most of these products, I wasn’t impressed with them enough to pay the full price. My favorites were the toner, body butter, and the whipped moisturizer. My least favorites were the foaming milk, which left my skin feeling disgusting, and the rich and creamy moisturizer, which felt like I smeared coconut oil and Vaseline all over my face. The micellar water and eye serum were just okay. I don’t really see the point of micellar waters and the eye serum was basically just an oil, definitely no firming properties there.
Overall, I would say that I enjoyed most of the products that I tried from the Callyssee brand. I think they have a lot of good products to offer, I just think they need to lower their prices. I understand that they use quality ingredients in all of their products, but they’re more pricey than a lot of the well-known high-end brands. Should they have more affordable options, I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.

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