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One of the best parts about being a blogger is getting introduced to new brands. I don’t mean in the sense that we get free products, but more in the sense of learning about a brand that I might not have otherwise heard of. Kerusso is a perfect example of that. I had the opportunity to learn about their brand for the first time and order some of their products to try. Kerusso is a Christian based clothing company with products ranging anywhere from hats and shirts to even a few jewelry pieces.

As of right now, I believe the only place to buy their products is on their website. Thankfully they shipped my order pretty quickly and it arrived within a few days. Slow shipment times drive me crazy, so I was happy to have my order as fast as I did. Their shipping rates vary based on the order. There is a free shipping minimum, though they don’t state what it is and you can’t see it until you get to checkout. That’s one aspect of their site I think they could improve on.

The first shirt I chose is their Thankful Grateful Blessed T-Shirt. T-Shirts like these are some of my favorite to wear. They’re so comfortable and can match with any kind of jeans or shorts. I love the color combination that they chose. The fake pocket on the front actually adds a lot more to the shirt than you would probably think. I got this in an adult size small, along with everything else I ordered, and it fits me perfectly.
I’ve always loved the design of feathers, so obviously I needed this Feathers Missy T-Shirt in my life. It’s a little bit more form fitting than the previous shirt, but it still has the same t-shirt feel to it. I like that this design one has more of a style to it than some of the others. They also have a lot of silly pun shirts on their site that were actually pretty cute.

I loved the way this shirt matches with their Flower Feather Earrings. I specifically intended on matching the two of these together, but these earrings actually pair perfectly with every piece that I got. They’re super lightweight and can jazz up a messy bun in seconds.
Can you tell gray is one of my favorite colors to wear? I love basic shades that match with everything. Raglan style shirts are also a new favorite of mine, although I honestly didn’t even know what they were called until I saw this Live Fearless shirt. I think this style is so flattering and perfect for someone like me, who is always cold. The ¾ sleeves add just enough without making it too hot and heavy feeling. This is one that is going to get a ton of wear this Fall season!
The last piece that I got really speaks about me as a person and my interests. My heart has always had a weakness for the soldiers that fight for our freedom, so much so that I’ve even cried in public at a Veteran’s Day parade before. That’s just one topic that is always guaranteed to bring me to tears.

So needless to say, I didn’t even think twice about this Freedom Wasn’t Free Sweatshirt. It’s also available in a T-Shirt, but I chose the sweatshirt to keep my cold body warm. This is my first sweatshirt without a hood and I actually really like it. It’s super soft on the inside and I will definitely be wearing this proudly any chance I get.
Kerusso’s designs definitely match my style and my beliefs, and I’m so happy with all the pieces I picked out. Every style fits me perfectly! I’m not normally very big into fashion; I’ve mentioned before that my everyday style is just a casual jeans and a t-shirt type of look. If you’re the same, I definitely recommend checking out the Kerusso website and seeing what else they have to offer. I already know I’ll be making more purchases!

If you have any questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section. Have you checked out Kerusso before? What are some of your favorite online clothing brands?


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