L'oreal Infallible Lip Paints Review

This year I’ve really been surprised with myself and how much I’ve been experimenting with more lip products. Even with as much as I’m obsessed with makeup, lip products have always been my least favorite. I don’t mind swatching them and looking at all the different shades, but when it actually comes time to apply a lip to complete a look and leave the house, I always just reach for something easy like a tinted lip balm. I don’t know what changed in 2018 to make me start playing with more lippies, but I’m not mad at it.

I’ve been fully embracing this change and have made it my mission to find some of the best, most comfortable lip products out there. Formula has always been my number one complaint when it comes to what I put on my lips. I seriously cannot stand anything sticky or heaving feeling at all. My temper tends to run on the short side and having something uncomfortable on my lips is definitely a trigger to some irritability. Sorry if that seems weird, but it’s true.

One of these L’oreal Infallible Lip Paints made it into my collection a while ago from Influenster or a similar site, but that was last year before my lippie interest so I just put it to the side because I didn’t like the color. However, I did find it to be very lightweight and eventually went back for two more shades that I would actually wear.
The packaging is very different than any other lip product that I have. I think it’s fine right now, but I’m interested to see how I like it once I start to run out. The wand looks like a typical doe foot applicator at first glance, although it does have a slightly deeper dip to hold more product. I do find that it makes it very easy to apply the color to the lips, and the packaging is still small enough to be travel-friendly.

There are 14 shades in this line ranging anywhere from beautiful natural, classic shades to newer, more intense bold colors. The first one shown below is called Spicy Blush. It’s a light, slightly dusty pink shade. This has to be one of my favorite colors ever, even some of my favorite nail polishes look very similar to this shade. It just goes with everything!
This next one in the shade Nude Star looks very similar to Spicy Blush in the packaging, but it definitely has a more warm undertone to it. I chose to go back and pick up this shade too for when I want something slightly deeper than the lighter pink that Spicy Blush offers. You could even combine these two shades to get a beautiful custom lip color; they pair very well together!
The Taupeless shade is the one I originally received and I’m sure you can imagine why I put it straight to the back of the drawer. I’m really not into these crazy lip colors like purples, oranges, and blues -- which this line definitely has. However, it’s not as intense as the Ofra Napa Valley shade that I really didn’t like. When it comes to purples, this is definitely one that’s more wearable. Although I can’t say that I’ll be wearing this one that often either!
My favorite thing about these is the formula. It’s unlike anything else I’ve tried. It’s not a gloss, but more like a creamy gel mousse. Does that even make sense? They’re very comfortable and lightweight, and they provide just a slight amount of shine to make the lips look healthy.

These aren’t matte and they’re not a liquid lipstick (thank goodness!), so don’t expect them to last a very long time. They aren’t meant to stain the lips or last all day. They’re just a normal lip product like we used to have before matte liquid lipsticks took over the market. I definitely recommend picking up a shade or two, you have to feel how comfortable these are!

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~Mani Monday~
This week I really got to appreciate my nail swatches when choosing a color because I had no idea what I wanted to wear! I ended up with Wet n Wild’s Tickled Pink. It’s such a pretty soft, feminine pink that’s flattering on all skin tones. Wet n Wild polishes are incredibly affordable (only $1!) and with my new favorite Essie base coat, I know it’ll stay in place all week!
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