Profusion Cosmetics Siennas Palette Review

Profusion products have always been a hit or miss for me. Honestly, it’s been mostly misses. I’ve mentioned a few of them on my blog already, but there are many others that I’ve tried that either made it straight to the trash, got passed along, or just haven’t made an appearance yet. I’m always interested in trying new products, though. So even with my past experience, my jaw still dropped when I received this Siennas eyeshadow palette in a package recently. There were a few other items within this new holographic packaging collection that they released, but the colors in this caught my attention more than anything else. Could it be a hidden gem?

Okay, so we can already tell that the packaging is adorable and there are a ton of eyeshadows that look absolutely stunning. But are you ready for the best part? It’s only $10 at Target! Are you kidding me?? That’s insanely affordable for what you get. I know the price can scare some people away thinking the quality might not be as good. And while I can fall into that way of thinking also, my curiosity will always get the best of me when it comes to makeup.

There’s obviously no mirror included, which can sometimes be a downfall of a product. But honestly, I’d rather have either a huge mirror or no mirror at all so I’m not that upset about it. Especially since it comes with a dual-ended brush that’s actually really nice and there are shade names on the front of the palette for all 21 eyeshadows!
There are a nice mixture of different finishes in the palette with 14 mattes and 7 shimmers. I’ve swatched them all row by row so we can look at each part of this palette in more detail. The shades in the top row are: Polite, Exclusive, Conquest, Solstice, Dizzy, Oasis, and Daring. Polite, Oasis, and Daring are the only matte shades in this row. Everything else is a shimmer, although Exclusive swatches more as a satin.

I was actually really surprised how pigmented Polite is since matte cream shades seem to be something most brands have a problem producing correctly. However, Exclusive is almost invisible and Conquest is crumbling into glitter chunks. The last four shades in the top row are pretty pigmented without having to put in any extra effort. Dizzy can look a little bit on the light side because of its duochrome finish, but it still provides enough pigmentation and the color changes depending on the reflection of light.
The swatches in the second row are much more intense with the brighter colors. The shade names are: Tickled, Serendipity, Dynasty, Certain, Bite, Fearless, and Devoted. Tickled, Certain, and Bite are shimmers; the other four shades in this row are matte. Everything in this row swatches very well with a lot of pigmentation, although Tickled and Devoted do take a little bit of work to build up.

Note: I used my finger in all of the swatches, on the back of my arm with no primer.
The last row, when swatched out like this, screams Thanksgiving to me. Anyone else see it? The shades are: Dapper, Adventurous, Cryptic, Groovy, Madly, Outspoken, and Cozy. All of these shades are completely matte, which I appreciate since they’re darker colors that would typically be used as definer shades on the outer corner or lash line area.

This is definitely the most consistent row when considering color payoff and formula. There’s not one shadow in this row that swatches any better than the others. However, Groovy and Cozy are very similar in color. I think they probably could have made one of those a different dark shade to provide even more diversity.
After my initial shock of the beautiful colors this palette has to offer, I started recognizing some of the shade names. I’ve seen Polite, Certain, and Outspoken in their Peach palette that I previously reviewed. I loved that palette and automatically started swatching to compare shades and formulas. My discoveries were very interesting. I love this kind of makeup research!

In the pictures below, I have the Peach palette swatches on the left side and the Siennas swatches on the right. Polite is obviously a lot darker in the Siennas palette, but is also a different finish. In the Peach palette, Polite is a satin rather than a matte. Certain is clearly much darker and creamier in the Peach palette. In the Siennas palette, Certain is very dry. Outspoken is a matte in both palettes and has a very similar formula, although it’s much darker in the Siennas palette.

I also found a lot of repeat shade names in a few of their face palettes, all of which were completely different formulas. I’m not exactly sure what would cause such inconsistencies. I imagine it would have something to do with production. It’s obviously not anything serious, but it is something to be aware of.
Overall, this is a really nice palette. I think they have a great shade selection, especially since warm-tones are so popular right now. There are a few shades that aren’t as pigmented as the others, mainly with the shimmers, and there are some texture inconsistencies that are pretty disappointing. But when you’re paying $10 for a palette like this, it’s most likely not going to be 100% perfect. I still think it’s a good deal, though, and would recommend it for all the matte warm shades it has to offer. Stay tuned for a tutorial with this palette coming up on Friday!

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