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How is it that I’ve done a tag for almost every season except for Fall?! I’ve been trying to figure out what q+a/tag/challenge post to do and then I realized I have never done the Fall tag. I don’t know how I could have missed it! The first day of Autumn isn’t technically until four more days and Florida is totally not ready. I’m perfectly okay with that, though, I live here for a reason. I’ll take as much warm weather as I can get!

1.) What is your favorite Fall lip product?
All the berry shades! Revlon’s Lip Butter in Berry Smoothie and Ulta’s Lip Butter in Enticing are my two favorites.

2.) What is your favorite Fall nail color?
I don’t think I have a specific favorite color, I just tend to wear more rich jewel tones during Fall. I also love a deep mauve shade!

3.) What is your favorite Fall scent?
There’s no one particular candle or scented product that I buy during Fall, I just go for anything that has a nice cinnamon and spice scent to it. I’d be happy with or without pumpkin, but I love the spices!
4.) What is your favorite Fall accessory?
Cardigans. I also really love lightweight scarves, but I think I wear cardigans more. In the Fall, I bring one every wear I go! It could be a typical cardigan like the one I picked up last year from Macy’s or it could be a loose flannel that I throw over my shirt. Whatever’s gonna stop any cold air from getting to my skin!

5.) What signifies the start of Autumn to you?
Football! We don’t really have any weather changes, so the start of football season always tells me what time it is!  

6.) What is your most fond Autumn memory?
There’s so many! It seems like some of the best events in my life have happened in Autumn. I’d say moving back to Florida from California in August of 2015 and buying our first house together. But we also got married in October of last year, which is obviously the best thing to ever happen in my life. There’s a reason this is my favorite season!
7.) What are you most excited for this Fall?
Relaxing! Last Fall was so crazy between wedding preparations, the honeymoon, getting our lives back to normal after the wedding, and all of the home renovations we did. Now that everything is taken care of, I’m looking forward to thoroughly enjoying all the Fall things this year like football games and holidays.

8.) What is your favorite outdoor Fall activity?
Bonfires. Honestly, we do those any time of year but it’s better in the Fall once the crisp air starts coming in.

9.) Have you ever gone apple picking?
No, I don’t even know if there is anywhere to pick apples where we live. We get a lot of blueberries and strawberries in the Summer though, which I actually prefer because berries are my favorite!
10.) What are some of your favorite Fall foods?
Oh goodness, I love so many! Pumpkin pies, apple pies, pecan pies, turkey, cranberry sauce, dressing. It’s all so delicious! I also have a pumpkin pie cupcake recipe that I’ve made the past few years. I could probably eat like 6 of those in one sitting!

11.) Do you prefer food that is apple or pumpkin flavored?
I think I’d have to say pumpkin. Apple flavored foods are really available all year long and it’s always my least favorite flavor. I just think it’s too bland compared to other options.

12.) Halloween or Thanksgiving?
I’d have to say Thanksgiving because I love the food so much and hate anything that's scary. But since we moved back to Florida, we’ve dressed up every year. I don’t know why we suddenly started it three years into our relationship. Whatever caused the change, we’ve been fully embracing it.

I’m not really sure what you’d title our first costumes, probably some kind of Egyptian theme. Clearly we were new to the game. The second year we stepped it up with DIY Luigi and Princess Daisy, followed by a fisherman and his mermaid. I can’t wait to see what we come up with this year!
13.) What is your favorite thing about Fall?
When the crisp air comes in. I love the way it smells and it’s even better when it starts killing off all the mosquitoes!

14.) What is your least favorite thing about Fall?
The time change. I hate when it gets dark so early into the day. It’s like once that happens, Summer is officially over and it’s sad.

15.) Describe the Fall weather where you live.
Paradise. The Gulf Coast of Northwest Florida is gorgeous. We don’t really have intense season changes, so Fall looks pretty much just like any other time of the year. It is typically when we get the worst hurricanes, though. But other than that, it’s perfect!

The photo below is a throwback to our first time back at the beach in September 2015 after we moved back from California. Isn't the water gorgeous?!
So much Fall! I think I’ve prepared myself mentally, even if the weather doesn’t necessarily cooperate and stays nice and warm. I’m fine with putting pumpkin decorations out in 85/90 degree weather. #FloridaLife

I tag all of you reading to do this post! Leave me some of your answers in the comments section below!


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