Profusion Cosmetics Siennas Palette Tutorial

There was no way I could have seen myself a few years ago being as obsessed with warm-tone eyeshadows as I am now. Not that I really had a choice since that seems to be the only available eyeshadows on the market right now anyway. It can be overwhelming, but Profusion Cosmetics really did a great job with this Siennas palette. It’s full of warm colors and is super affordable at only $10! The quality is a little inconsistent, as you might have seen in my full review, but I’m here to show you how it can still be used to create an entire look on its own.

I started by priming my eyes with my Milani eyeshadow primer, as I begin almost every eyelook. I’ve been skipping a base shade lately, although Polite would be a great option for that purpose. Instead, I went straight into Oasis on a blending brush and placed that in my crease as a transition shade. Depending on how fluffy your brush is, you might have to apply a few thin layers to get the desired amount of color.
Then I used the shade Fearless on the outer half of my eye with an Elf Contour brush. This brush is much more dense than what I normally use, but I’ve been experimenting with the wear time when I pack an eyeshadow on versus using all blending brushes. So far, packing the color on has really helped to prolong the wear of the shadows because I’m applying more pigment to my lid.
Sometimes I’ll just stop the darker colors here and add a lighter shade on the rest of my lid for an easy daytime look. But for the sake of the tutorial, I decided to take the shade called Groovy and place that in the outer “V” with that same Elf Contour brush. This is more of a brown than an orange, so it provides more depth and dimension to the look.

Although it’s important to blend with a separate empty, loose-bristled blending brush after each step, it’s especially important right here to prevent the colors from looking muddy.
The dual-ended brush that comes with this palette is actually really great quality. I used the blending side of the brush to apply a little bit more of Oasis right on top of the other shades in my crease. I blended this halfway over the colors that were already there and a little above it to add some more of transition with that peach tone. This is another step I’ve been adding into my looks lately, it really takes the blended effect to a whole new level.
Now we’re onto yet another new technique! I’ve seen so many people do this trick, but have only done it myself a few times recently. I’m talking about adding just a little bit more of concealer to the lid and using that as a glitter glue type of product. Of course, you could use actual glitter glue if you wanted but concealer is already in my collection so that’s what I’m going with.

I applied two tiny dots of the Maybelline Fit Me concealer on the inner half of my eye and very gently patted that out with the flat side of the dual-ended brush that’s included in the palette. I made sure not to go over the darker shades and I’m not using this for a cut crease, I just want it there to intensify the lid shade as much as possible.
The shade I chose for the lid is Conquest. This is a beautiful color and works great when layered over the concealer. I only let the concealer dry just a little bit and applied Conquest over top of it with my finger while it was still a little tacky.

This trick is wonderful for any shade you want to put in this area, but it’s especially perfect for Conquest that tends to crumble into a bunch of chunks of glitter. Once I pressed on enough shadow with my finger, I took a little bit more product and blended it out in the crease with a small shader brush.
I used Polite as my inner corner highlight. It’s a matte cream shade that is actually really pigmented. If you didn’t want to take the shimmer route on the eyelid, you could even use this in place of Conquest for something a bit more subtle. Exclusive would also be a nice inner corner highlight, but I like combing the matte and shimmer finishes in that area.
For eyeliner, I started with the Jont├ęblu eyeliner in the shade Dark Brown. I applied that halfway along both my upper and lower lash lines before going over it with more of the dark brown Groovy shade in the palette. Layering the two provides a color that’s both soft and intense enough to compliment the bold colors on the lid.
Then I finished up by curling my lashes with a heated lash curler and applied three coats of mascara. I’m still using Tarte’s Tarteist Lash Paint and loving it, although I do think I’m finally reaching the end of the product. I feel like I use a ton of mascara all the time and it still takes me forever to finish a tube of it!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
One of the challenges when I first started working my way into the warm-tone eyeshadows was deciding what lip color to pair it with. I feel like that’s a little bit more difficult than pairing a lippie with a more cool-toned eye. But the one I decided to go with in this look is L’oreal’s Infallible Lip Paint in the shade Nude Star. This is a new one in my collection and I absolutely love it. This formula is so comfortable!
I’ve been playing around with this palette a lot over the past few months and this is one of my favorite color combinations I’ve come up with. It’s the perfect way to wear a bunch of warm-tones on the eyes without wearing a complete orange or brick red. Conquest takes a little bit of patience, but it really pulls the whole look together.

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Have you tried this palette before? What is your favorite warm-tone eyeshadow palette?

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