September Favorites

We’re almost in October, y’all! I feel like September was gone in the blink of an eye! It’s crazy how that happens. I was able to hold off on my decorations, though. I plan on putting a few things up this weekend. I also haven’t had a pumpkin spice latte yet, can you believe that’s possible? Honestly, I’m still a little burnt out on them. I’m sure one for the season will have me satisfied enough. But you’ll see throughout the rest of my favorites that I’m slowly moving my way into the Fall season, while still trying to hold onto every bit of Summer that I can!

Okay, I can take responsibility for a lot of things but these shoes are totally Jessica Braun’s fault! I was watching a vlog of hers recently and she picked up these bow sliders from Target for $11. She kept going on about how comfortable they were, so I planned my own Target trip the very next day and picked up a pair for myself. I actually ended up paying $6 for these and I think it might be a color thing because I did see that the black pair were still $11 (originally $22). Jessica was right, these are really, really comfortable and I just love the bow!
Sun chips have always been some of my favorite chips on the market. They’re just so different and I really like the way they taste. I always just get the original because I’m not really into all the different chip flavors companies come out with these days, but I love sweet potato fries and thought these chips would be just as good. They are delicious! It has just the right amount of mix between salty and sweet with just a hint of brown sugar. I definitely recommend them!
These caramel apple pops are always in my local Walmart all year long, just like pumpkin filling. Did you know that? They just never get noticed until Fall season comes around. I had been eyeing them for a few months now, but decided to hold off until it got a little closer to October/Halloween time. I finally just gave in and they’re sooo good. These were my favorite as a kid! I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them.
One thing I’ve never liked much of is ice cream. I know it sounds weird, but I just don’t really like it. I wanted to like it, though, so I stayed on the hunt for one that I’d actually enjoy. And I’ve finally found it! Ben and Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy is the best! It’s super chocolatey and it has pudding in it, so it’s rich and smooth. It also has little cookie chunks that taste like a brownie. I don’t even want to tell you how many I’ve bought over the past month. Let’s just say Publix has had it on BOGO and 2/$4 and I’ve taken full advantage of both of those sales! And stocked up on some Lactaid so that I can eat the ice cream.
I have this thing where I have to drink out of straws. It’s just always what I prefer. I try to use cute reusable tumblers when I can, but I’ve never found a reusable straw that I liked until my husband surprised me with these. I don’t want a hard plastic straw because that doesn’t feel right on my front teeth. But these have a nice silicone top on a stainless steel straw, so it’s nice and soft when I set my teeth on it.

The brand is called Klean Kanteen and they were around $10 for a pack of four at Target. They’re dishwasher safe and it also came with a straw brush that has been very helpful in keeping them clean. The only issue I’ve ran into is that they don’t always fit some of the lids I have, but that’s not that big of a deal. I’m really just happy I finally found some comfortable, reusable straws!
I first discovered these Scentportables last year and I’m still loving them. They were recently on sale 4/$10, so my husband and I decided to restock. Funny enough, we ended up loving the same scents. We got Aloha Kiwi Passionfruit to give us a little more fresh Summer scents and Pumpkin Cupcake to transition into Fall. These really do work at keeping our cars smelling wonderful!
If you’ve seen my recent post about some fake tattoos that I’ve tried, then you might recognize the Momentary Ink name on this bottle. Although I liked most of the designs I tried, I didn’t like how they felt. With the exception of this Temporary Tattoo Ink. It’s kinda like a henna in that you just draw the design straight on your skin rather than transfer a design from a sticker. This ink has actually been a lot of fun and is something I’d consider repurchasing in the future.
Speaking of recent posts, I just featured these two Callyssee products in a review I posted of the brand on Wednesday. The Macchiato Foaming Cleansing Scrubber has been fun because, well, it’s foam! The Chocolatey Peel Off Mask smells delicious and leaves my face feeling soft. Although I said that I wouldn’t recommend purchasing these because I didn’t agree with the price, I am still enjoying them while they’re in my bathroom.
I kinda forgot that I had this Ole Henriksen Balancing Force Oil Control Toner in my closet. I finished another toner that I was using and decided to bring this one out and try to finish it too. I forgot how refreshing it is! In my review of this line, I said that my two favorite things about it were the scent and the tingling sensation it has on the skin. That is still true and this is one of the new things I’ve been looking forward to using in my routine every morning.
It says ‘new’ on the bottle, but I feel like I’ve seen this L’oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self Tanning Milk in stores before. Maybe I’m thinking of something else? The shade I have is medium. I’m not even sure if they offer any other shades, but I can definitely tell a difference with this! It’s a gradual self tanner that is suggested to be used three times a week, and it can also act as a self tan extender. I do plan on posting a full review with before and after photos, but I wanted to include it in this post first in case you’ve been interested. It’s really good!
I first discovered the Lush bubble bars earlier this year. I initially only got two to try and loved them! I obviously haven’t been wanting to take baths when it’s so hot outside, but I have been missing the bubble bars. I don’t have a store near me, so when I am around one I make sure to stock up. It’s still a little hot outside, but I just picked up three to keep on hand. I picked up the Comforter and the Milky Bath, which are the two I had before, and I also got Brightside to try out. I can’t wait!
Moving onto makeup! I got this Laura Geller Baked blush in this month’s Boxycharm. I think this Tropic Hues color is gorgeous and although I did want to try it as a blush on its own, I decided to try it as a blush topper first. Thank goodness I did because it is way too shimmery to use by itself on my oily cheeks. I have been reaching for it a lot as a topper, though, and it is stunning! It provides such a healthy glow to the cheeks without making you look like a greasy disco ball.
I’ve never been one to buy into hyped up products. It just rubs me the wrong way a lot of times, especially when there’s so many products out on the market that are probably the same exact thing. That was my thoughts about this Laura Mercier Loose Translucent Powder that everyone’s been raving about.

I was just included in an Influenster campaign for her new Glow Powder and they also sent a travel size of the original. The Glow Powder added way too much glitter to my face, but the original powder left me speechless! I didn’t think it was going to be anything special at first because I’ve seen so many ‘dupes’ for it. Now that I’ve actually gotten to try it, I know all those dupes are wrong. This is nothing like I’ve ever tried before. It’s magic!

Honestly, I was hoping I wasn’t even going to like this powder because it’s so expensive and now I’m hooked. I do still have my other favorite Elf HD powder that I use and I’ve just been keeping this one for more important, special occasions. Thankfully, a little goes a long way when applied with the provided velour puff so I’m sure this travel size will last me a while.
If you saw my last tutorial, then this palette might look very familiar to you. This is the Revlolution x The Emily Edit The Needs Palette. I love everything about this palette! I love that Emily came out with such an amazing collaboration. I love how many different products from Makeup Revolution this palette offers. I love the shades, the quality, the price point. Everything is just perfect!!

It does have talc in it, which I’m normally a big complainer about. But I have mainly been reaching for this palette when I need to get ready fast and when I know I won’t be wearing my makeup for very long. Not that these products don’t last (because they totally can), but this just has all the essentials for when I need to run out the door for a quick errand.
To go along with The Needs palette, Emily also created The Wants palette. This is full of 24 beautiful eyeshadows ranging between matte, satin, and shimmer finishes. The mirrors in both of these palettes is just unbelievable! I love the color selection Emily chose for this palette because it can really do so many different things.

From someone who has never tried any Makeup Revolution products before, I am blown away by the texture and pigmentation of these powders. They’re such great quality! You better believe there will be an abundance of reviews and tutorials coming soon on my blog with these palettes, they’re my most current obsessions!
I really have pretty much only been reaching for those two Emily palettes all month long, but I have brought in this new Pretty Vulgar Nightingale palette a few times. It’s full of cool-toned shades, which I haven’t used in such a long time. But the quality and pigmentation has really impressed me. I’ve been trying to play around with it to see what kind of different looks it can create. So far, it’s doing a very good job!
The last favorite I have to mention is the L’oreal Infallible Lip Paint in the shade Nude Star. I just posted my review not too long ago and talked about how incredibly comfortable they are on the lips. So not only is the formula my favorite, this color has been a great Summer to Fall transition shade. It looks so beautiful on the lips and pairs perfectly with a warm eyeshadow look.
So many wonderful favorites this month! It makes these posts really long so it’s a lot of work, but I kinda enjoy it when that happens because that means I had a good month. I like including all the random favorites, too, and mixing it up a little bit. Seriously, though. If you haven’t bought those Emily palettes yet, you are sooo missing out!

If you have any other questions, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you tried any of these products before? What are some of your monthly favorites from September?

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