Profusion Cosmetics Chocolates Palette Review

A few months ago, I received the Profusion Cosmetics Siennas palette. Their products have always been a hit or miss for me, but that palette was a huge hit! I loved almost everything about that palette, so I’m sure you can imagine my excitement when I received the Chocolates palette also. I began testing it immediately, comparing shades, color selection, finishes, etc while also examining this palette on its own for what it really is. Before we get started, you might want to grab some actual chocolate because some of the shades in this palette are delicious!!

In case you missed it previously, don’t forget to check out my review and tutorial of the Siennas palette because I will be referring back to that in this post a little bit. Profusion products can typically be found in Target stores and this one retails for only $10. Although there is no mirror included, they do provide a brush and shade names under each eyeshadow. Out of the 21 eyeshadows in this palette, only 6 of them are matte. The other 15 have some sort of satin or shimmer finish.
The brush included in the palette is really great quality. It’s the same brush in all of their palettes in this style packaging. One side has a flat brush and the other side has a blending brush. The flat brush is great for packing on shimmer shades, or for applying concealer to use as primer. The blending brush doesn’t have as much give as I would like for actually blending, but it’s still perfect for adding transition shades into the crease and brow bone area.
The first row shades shown in the swatch picture below are: Sugar, Gentle, Frolic, Illusion, Tango, Likeable, and Glory. I love looking at such a light color scheme like this! Sugar, Gentle, and Likeable are the only matte shades in this row and some of the most creamy. Most of these seven shades are pretty pigmented, although I’m mostly impressed by Sugar and Gentle. A lot of times lighter colors like these don’t show up enough, but these are very noticeable even on my super pale skin.

The only shade I’m not really impressed with out of this bunch is Illusion. It does show up over a primer, but you really have to work at it and it seems to have a more dry consistency than the other shimmers.
The second row is full of nothing but shimmers. The shade names are Demo, Joy, Carefree, Sunny, Focus, Tiger Eye, and Cypress. This row is a little confusing and probably the most disappointing for me. Although they’re different enough in a swatch, almost every shade is too similar when applied on the eyes. If they were a matte finish, it would be a little easier to tell a difference. But shimmer shades are already too difficult to differentiate on the eyes and when they’re extremely similar in color like this, it all tends to muddy together.

Cypress is one of the shades I was most excited about when looking at this palette because it’s a gorgeous pop of forest green. Unfortunately, it was one of the most disappointing as far as quality is concerned. The rest of the shades in this row are very pigmented, but Cypress almost doesn’t show up at all. I really wish they would improve on that one because looking at it in the pan, it has so much potential!
The last row has shades Roots, Fuse, Quest, VIP, Blitz, Throne, and Wicked. Fuse, Quest, and VIP are matte. Thorne and Wicked are both shimmers. Roots is the only satin finish in the palette and Blitz is the only glitter. I was expecting Blitz to be a shimmer, but it swatches into very chunky glitter. I’m sure it could be built up over a primer, I just tend to avoid it because of the mess it makes. I also would’ve liked Quest to be a little more pigmented than it is. It’s not the worst shadow in the world, but it is pretty patchy.

Wicked almost looks like a green in the pan, although it swatches more teal. It’s still gorgeous and adds something different to the rest of the bronze shades. Aside from Quest and Blitz, every shade in this row is very creamy and swatches beautifully.
Overall, I think it’s just an okay palette. I’ve tested worse, but their Siennas palette definitely has this one beat. At first glance, the Chocolates palette looks beautiful. But once you actually swatch every shade and look at what is offered, there’s not much that it can really do.

Aside from formula inconsistencies, there were too many colors that were too similar to be in one palette. Shimmer shadows aren’t always very flattering on the eyes and there’s only so much you can do before they all muddy together. Adding more matte options would not only broaden the amount of people that this palette can cater to, but it will also allow it to provide more variety in the amount of eyelooks that it can create.   

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