The Winter Tag

Winter has to be the only season that I haven’t done a blogger tag for yet. Last year it was the Christmas tag, so I looked through a few different sets of questions to focus only on Winter favorites rather than ones that were holiday-related. We’ve had a few cold days already that definitely made it feel like Winter and with Christmas less than a week away, it’s the perfect time to feel all snuggly!

1.) What is your favorite thing about Winter?
This is going to be such a beauty blogger answer, but my favorite thing about Winter is that my skin doesn’t get as oily and my hair is less frizzy. That struggle is so real, which really makes me appreciate the dry air that Winter brings.

2.) What is your favorite Winter outfit?
Pajamas. Leggings are nice too and blanket scarves are fun, but I hate wearing layers upon layers of clothes. It causes so much anxiety not being able to move freely, so in Winter I stay in my cozy pajamas as long as I can before I actually have to leave my house.

3.) What is your favorite Winter food?
I’ve really been enjoying chili the past year or two. I’m really picky about it, though. I don’t just like any chili. There’s a particular recipe that blew up on Pinterest and I decided to try it myself (halving the recipe for just two people). It’s titled “Best Ever Chili” and I totally agree. It’s so good! I even printed it out and added it to our recipe book! Just don’t forget to serve it with Fritos, those are essential!

4.) Hot cocoa or apple cider?
Hot cocoa all the way! I don’t like apple juice or almost anything else apple flavored, and I’m definitely not drinking apple cider. Although I do like making homemade hot chocolate most of the time, the Land o Lakes packages are definitely the best pre-made option!
5.) How do you like to do your makeup in Winter?
I normally go a little heavier with my makeup in the Winter. When it’s hot outside, I try to get away with as little product on the face as possible. So when it cools down and there’s less humidity, I tend to wear more foundations and might play around with a few darker eyeshadow options.

6.) What is your favorite Winter memory?
I think it’s a tie between three.
  • When I was super young, my family “faked” Santa’s footprints in the house and that was something I thought about my entire childhood.
  • When we lived in California, my husband (then boyfriend) took me up into the mountains to go sledding and tubing. I smiled the entire day, besides getting sick driving up and down the mountain.
  • Last year it snowed twice and I got to make my first real snowball (that I can remember). I packed it tight and threw it at my husband. We went to bed when the sun came up, but it was so worth it.
7.) What is your favorite Winter scent?
Again, this is a three-way tie between Christmas tree, Cinnamon, and sweet vanilla/sugar cookie scents. I would probably burn all three of those scents in one day, depending on the time!

8.) What is your favorite Winter accessory?
Beanies have definitely been my favorite Winter accessory lately. I first started wearing them last year and have been working on expanding my options. They keep my head and ears warm, and I don’t even have to style my hair. It’s a win-win! The Neff daily beanie style is the most comfortable one I’ve tried.
9.) What is your favorite Winter nail polish?
I don’t think I have a single favorite polish because I’m always switching it up. But I do tend to stay in the darker color ranges during Winter. Whether it’s a dark jewel tone or black, my nails stay pretty bold during Winter. Although I’m not afraid to rock a white or nude shade (like this week) any time of the year!

10.) What is your favorite Winter lip color?
Berry shades usually always win in the lip category, but in Winter I prefer a classic red lip. The NYX Matte Lipstick in Perfect Red topped with their Butter Gloss in the shade Cherry Pie has been a favorite of mine for years. They provide a true red color to the lips without having too much of a blue, pink, or orange undertone.

11.) What is your favorite Starbucks Holiday drink?
Peppermint mochas have always been my favorite holiday drink. Coffee is the perfect hot beverage when it’s cold outside, although I very rarely ever go to Starbucks.

12.) Does it snow where you live?
Aside from last year’s strange occurrence, no. We’ve had ice storms before and we’ll get black ice somewhat frequently during Winter seasons, but it never snows.
13.) Do you like the cold?
No. I know this is going to sound dramatic and probably fake, but I promise this is 100% true. I’m allergic to the cold...Any time my skin gets cold, whether it’s covered up or not, I get a rash and will be itching for hours. That’s why I live in Florida and even so, anything below 70 requires me to be bundled up. Being anemic probably doesn’t help me either.

14.) Have you ever gone ice skating?
Not that I can remember. I’m not very stable on my own two feet as it is, so I definitely don’t need to make things worse by trying to stand on a blade. I love watching ice skating in the olympics and stuff, but I don’t really have any desire to try it myself.

15.) Have you ever made a snowman?
Again, not that I can remember. I did live in Georgia for the first few years of my life and might have made a snowman then, but I was too young to remember anything.

It might be 68 degrees outside while I’m writing this, but I’m still cold enough to feel like we’re in the middle of Winter. We’ve actually had a few nights recently that have gotten below freezing, so this warm break is appreciated aside from the rain that came along with it.

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you have a blog, I challenge you to keep this tag going. Otherwise, leave me some of your answers in the comment section below!!

XO ♥ Christina ♥

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