Bubble Bath Hack

This might sound silly considering what this post is about, but I was actually never really a fan of bubble baths. After childhood, I just always kinda viewed them as a waste of time. I’m someone who makes ridiculously long (and sometimes unachievable) to-do lists for myself and I thought taking a bath meant that I couldn’t be productive doing something else. I’ve slowly been letting go of that thought process over the past year or two, but it wasn’t until I discovered the Lush bubble bars that I really started appreciating how relaxing baths can actually be.

One of the biggest problems I had with baths is that I thought they were boring. I always have to be multitasking, even if I’m just watching tv or trying to relax with a beauty video on Youtube. I’m always doing two things at once. So sitting in a bath with plain water, staring at the walls was the most boring thing ever to me. Bubbles can change that!
I started looking for the best bubble bath and tried everything I could think of. I know how powerful epsom salt baths can be to the body, but I needed something that made the bath look more appealing. Every bubble bath option that I tried just wasn’t doing it for me. Even bath bombs. Those are cool, but they provide almost zero bubbles. That’s why Lush’s bubble bars are so great, they provide both fun colors and bubbles! #notsponsored

The bubble bars were my first introduction into the Lush brand and I didn’t really know what I was doing or exactly how I should use them. I remembered seeing people cut them up and started doing some research. I found a video on Youtube from Xpurr with the best bubble bath hack I’ve ever heard of. Not only it is good to cut the bars into sections (for more than one use), it was also suggested to shake up the water to really activate as many bubbles as possible.
The Lush bubble bars do create many more bubbles on their own compared to other products that I’ve tried, but shaking up the water really does help and makes more bubbles than you could even think of! I do recommend checking out the video that I linked for the full demonstration, but I wanted to share my experiences with it and how well this hack worked for me.

Obviously you could do this with any bubble bath and it’ll help create more bubbles than what you would normally get. And with the cold weather and cozy months ahead, this hack will be getting used very frequently in my house!

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