December Boxycharm Unboxing

Christmas came a little early for me! And by that, I mean my Boxycharm is here!! I love getting these surprises in the mail. Although I do pay for them and I know it’s coming, I try my best to not see any spoilers. I love these surprises so much that I’ve even thought about adding another subscription service. Not that I really need it, so I probably will decide against it. But the point is: subscription boxes are so much fun! As usual, let’s quickly review last month’s products before getting into the five new goodies for December.

~Luxie Luminous Eye Brush Set~ I like the quality of these brushes and the unique shapes of the smaller two. I didn’t find a new favorite in these to add into my daily rotation, but there’s nothing bad about them. They have their own purpose for specific looks. My favorite thing is the glossy finish over the glitter on the handle so there’s no messes to worry about.

~CoverFX Glitter Drops (Nova)~ I thought I would like this more than I actually do. It wasn’t that impressive when applied on my eyes and it’s much too shimmery for me to use as highlight or put anywhere on my body. I love it as a lip topper, but I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. It’s really pretty to look at in a swatch, I just don’t have many uses for it. The worst part was removing it. There was still glitter on my face after three washes!

~Jontéblu Glittering Star Eyeliner~ It’s not super creamy, but it’s not the most dry pencil I’ve ever used either. It does have a lot more visible glitter in it that shows up on the lash line compared to other glitter liners I’ve used before. If you’re specifically looking for a glitter liner, this is one I would recommend - especially for the price!

~Ace Beaute Grandiose Eyeshadow Palette~ It’s not my favorite palette in the entire world because, as I mentioned in my full review, it’s missing a matte cream shade and a dark eyeliner shade for me. But aside from that, the quality and pigmentation were really impressive and I was able to create a stunning color combo (featured in my latest tutorial) that I’m totally obsessed with right now.

~Lashaholic Instaglam False Lashes~ In my unboxing, I said that these look somewhat natural and after getting a better look, I have no idea what I was thinking. They are clearly very not natural with those spikes throughout them! However, I do think they were easy to work with and I didn’t have to trim them up very much.

Although I didn’t really find any new favorites from last month’s box, I did really enjoy testing that eyeshadow palette and the ease of applying the false lashes has made me want to start practicing more. The theme for this month’s box is ‘Tis the Sea-sun and judging by the notecard, it looks like we’re back to the normal Boxycharm compared to the influencer collabs they’ve been doing.
The first product in this month’s box is the Detox Activated Charcoal Mask by Cosmedix. I feel like I’ve heard of this brand before, but I’m not 100% sure. This 1.3 oz size is smaller than their full size, although it’s still a little pricey coming in at $30. Skincare is where I’m willing to splurge because it’s what’s most important, but some of these brands really take it to the extreme!

This mask is supposed to detoxify your pores by using its activated charcoal and kaolin clay to draw out dirt and impurities. It also includes diatomaceous earth, which helps brighten the skin. It needs 10-15 minutes to set and can be applied up to three times a week. I love clay masks and charcoal is supposed to be good for oily, acne prone skin, so I feel like this mask is made for me!
Next is a blush and highlight palette from Wander Beauty. This is their Wanderess Dusk to Dawn palette, which retails for $26 and includes two blushes and one highlighter. All three shades are named and there is a mirror on the inside, which I appreciate. However, the first thing I noticed was all the wasted space in the palette. I can’t stand small blush pans as it is and all that wasted space is just pathetic.
This claims to have a buttery formula that will blend seamlessly on the skin for a natural, glowing finish. I do have to disagree already with the buttery claim. Although they’re nicely pigmented, these powders are definitely on the more dry side. I’m a little concerned about the glow factor in this palette, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to make it work. I really like the Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl mascara, but I didn’t enjoy their Baggage Claim eye masks so we’ll have to see what kind of quality this palette has.
Suva Beauty is definitely a brand I know I’ve never heard of before. This might sound weird, but when I try a new beauty brand one of the first products I like to test first are eyeshadows. It’s kind of like ordering chicken tenders at a new restaurant. It’s more of a safe option and something that the company should be able to produce correctly. This Protégé eyeshadow palette is already making some good first impressions!
The outside packaging is very thin, but has a nice weight to it which makes it feel more high-quality. It has a huge mirror and shade names provided on the inside with four matte and four shimmer options. I feel like I haven’t been seeing a lot of purple in palettes lately, so I’m excited to play around in that color family again. This retails at $34 and I can’t wait to see wait it can do!
There were two lip products included in this month’s box, which I normally wouldn’t be too happy about. Thankfully they chose two products that not only match well together, but are also not your typical matte liquid lipstick that the market is currently too saturated with. The first product is a lip liner by the brand Bodyography and the shade that I have is Heatherberry ($12).

It looks like a standard pencil lip liner until you take a peek at its ingredients. This pencil is antioxidant rich, infused with coconut oil and Vitamin E. Normally I’d be concerned with traditional pencil liners like this being too dry and not gliding on the lips, but this one sounds promising and I love the shade!
The last product in the box is Tarte’s Glitter Lip Paint. Tarte is definitely the most well-known, high-end brand included in this box and I love having the opportunity to try their products that I wouldn’t normally purchase on their own. The shade I have is called Insta-famous, which literally made me laugh out loud because that’s such a thing now that we’re able to name product shades after it.

This is a sheer gloss that is infused with sunflower seed wax and mineral pigments to coat, soothe, and soften the lips. I love that it’s more of a clear gloss because those are the most versatile and can be layered over almost any other lippie. It looks like it has a ton of multidimensional glitter, but it’s not too overpowering like a metallic finish. Glosses make the lips look so healthy and this one will definitely provide multiple benefits during the cold, dry Winter months.
These products are so exciting, especially that eyeshadow palette. Those are always my favorite! The total value for all these products is $122, which is exactly $100 more than what you pay for the box. Crazy, right? If you haven’t signed up for Boxycharm yet, you are sooo missing out!

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XO ♥ Christina ♥

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