Profusion Cosmetics Bare Eyes Palette Tutorial

When it comes to makeup, there’s almost nothing I love more than a good matte neutral eyeshadow palette. Of course, the more options the better. But sometimes all I need is something small for everyday wear that doesn’t require much thought or effort. That’s exactly what this Profusion Cosmetics Bare Eyes palette provides. I believe this is a somewhat new release and I’ve been absolutely loving it. I am still doing some testing for a full review, but I just had to go ahead and share my initial thoughts and how I’ve been pairing these shades together.

This palette can easily be found in Target stores and retails for $7! Although it is mostly matte, there are three out of the ten shades that are shimmers. Unfortunately those are very disappointing so I don’t even bother. The mattes, though, are amazinggg!

For this look, I started by priming my eyes with the Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chrome in the shade Gilded Rose. This is one of my favorite priming products ever because it really keeps the eyeshadow in place all day long. It is a shimmer finish, but can easily be layered with mattes without altering the finish of the eyeshadow.
Starting with the shade that first caught my attention when I opened the palette. Heavenly is such a unique dusty rose that is the perfect transition color for the crease. This shadow could be paired with so many different colors because of its soft hue and variety of undertones.
Using the flat shader side of the dual-ended brush included in the palette, I’m taking the shade Zing and packing that on the outer half of my lid. This brush does a great job and the pigmentation in this shadow is intense, so make sure to tap off the excess and start with a light hand. Once I had that placed where I wanted, I went in with a separate, empty, more loose-bristled blending brush to buff out the edges.
Switching the brush over to the blending side, I used the shade called Doll to finish off the crease colors. With a very light hand, I blended that shade right at the edge of where Zing stops. This technique will help make my eyes appear bigger and less hooded when my eyes are open.
Silky is a matte cream shade and is what I’m applying over the rest of my lid. I packed it on with my finger first to get as much pigmentation as possible and then blended it out with the shader side of the dual-ended brush. In order to use this brush multiple times in a look with such drastic color changes, I clean it off after each use on a dry, textured washcloth.
Sugar is more of a brighter white and will act as the perfect contrast to Silky. I applied that underneath my brows to make that area appear bigger and more lifted. I also used it on the very inner corner of my eyes to reflect any light and make the whites of the eyes appear brighter.
For eyeliner, I used the Pacifica pencil liner in the shade Fringe and placed that halfway along both my upper and lower lash lines. To set it in place on my oily eyes, and to soften the line, I used the shade Clever in the palette and pressed that directly on top of the pencil liner.
All that’s left to do is curl the lashes and add a few coats of mascara. In this look, I used Wander Beauty’s Unlashed Volume and Curl mascara. This mascara is perfect for a look like this because it adds just enough to the lashes, while also separating each individual lash, without taking the look in more of a dramatic direction.
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step for easy reference:
This is such a flattering, neutral look that can be paired with almost any lip color, but I chose to go with my current favorite combo. I used Pixi’s MatteLast Liquid Lip in the shade Really Rose and topped it with their Lip Icing in the shade Cake. I’ve been wearing this lip combo all year and I still can’t get enough of it!!
Although there’s been a lot of Profusion Cosmetics products that I haven’t liked in the past, their eyeshadows have always been pretty good. They really have been improving their brand all around and I’m so happy about it. There’s nothing better than affordable products that work!!

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Have you tried this palette before? What are some of your favorite Profusion Cosmetics products?
XO ♥ Christina ♥

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