Ace Beaute Grandiose Palette Tutorial

Ace Beautē is a brand that I had never heard of before, so there was a lot to learn and discover when testing this Grandiose eyeshadow palette that I got in November’s Boxycharm. The palette is full of beautiful, warm-toned eyeshadows with a few pops of pinky berry shades. In case you missed my full review last week, you can catch up on that here, the quality is really impressive! I challenged myself in this tutorial to not only use this palette exclusively to create an entire eye look, but also to use all the rest of the products included in that same Boxycharm box!

I first started by priming my eyes with the Be A Bombshell Cosmetics eye base in the shade Submissive. I just recently brought this back out and I’ve been lovinggg it! It looks darker in the pot than what it shows up on the eyes and it does an amazing job of both intensifying eyeshadow and extending its wear time.
Going right into the Grandiose palette, I’m taking the shade called Patchouli and using that as my first transition color in the crease. This actually isn’t very pigmented (at least not with my skin tone), so it does have to be built up a little bit. Just make sure to work in light layers and tap off the excess powder because it does have quite a bit of kick up that will fall onto the rest of your face.
Then I’m taking the Cinnamon shade on the 131 Mini Angled Brush from the Luxie Luminous eye brush set and placing that over the outer third of my eye and lightly into the crease. This isn’t the first brush I would’ve chosen for this step, but it got the job done. Once I applied as much color as I wanted, I went in with a separate, empty, loose-bristled blending brush to soften the edges.
Poppy is an intense cranberry shade that can be a little intimidating at first, so I’m applying as little as possible in order to not overwhelm the look. I lightly tapped the 111 Mini Flat Angled Brush into the shade one time, getting rid of the excess, and then stamped that on the outer corner of my eye. Once most of the pigment was off of the brush, I used a light hand to blend it in and brought in that same blending brush to help blur the effect even more.
To help tie in that Poppy shade, I’m taking Clove on the 121 Mini Tapered Brush and placing that right at the edge of where Cinnamon stopped in the crease. Clove is a little more on the salmon side rather than pink, so it’ll add just enough without overdoing it. This step also helps create a beautiful gradient between all the shades, which is what this particular look is really all about.
Moving onto the rest of the lid, I’m taking the Primerose shade with my finger and patting that right on the center of my eyelid. It’s okay if this color slightly overlaps Cinnamon and goes into the inner corner a little bit. The goal is to blend the edges of the shades, while also allowing them to be distinct enough in their own sections on the eye.
Jasmine will finish off the lid shades and the gradient that we’ve created. Again, I applied this shade with my finger first and then blended it out into the crease with a small shader brush. This has to be one of my favorite eyeshadows in the palette. It’s so pigmented and bright!
Since this is such an intense eye look, we need to bring some color underneath to help balance everything out. I don’t like going too dark in that area, so I tapped the Mini Flat Angled Brush (#131) into Cinnamon one time and a few times into Patchouli. If you like a darker lower lashline, you could combine more of Cinnamon with either of the two pinky shades that were used in the crease.
The only two things this palette is missing for me are a matte highlighting shade and a dark brown or black to use as eyeliner. Just another excuse for me to bring in my favorite Ulta Naked single eyeshadow! I applied that underneath the brow bone and used the 141 Mini Round Brush to brighten the very inner corner of the eye.
For eyeliner, I applied the Jontéblu Glittering Star eyeliner from the box halfway along both my upper and lower lashes. Then I applied the NYX single eyeshadow in Black directly on top of the pencil with an angled eyeliner brush. The eyeliner is nice, but I prefer a softer line that the shadow provides. The pencil acts as a base to keep everything in place all day.
I will be applying fake lashes to finish off the look, but first I curled my natural lashes and applied three coats of the Wander Beauty Unlashed Volume & Curl mascara. Honestly, I’d be perfectly happy just leaving the look at this, but lashes were in the box so they must be used!
Here’s a close-up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide for easy reference:
The other products in the box used to complete this look were the Lashaholic Instaglam False Lashes. I remember thinking these looked pretty and natural at first glance, but when I went to actually take them out of the box I quickly realized they are anything but natural! Without the weird spikey parts about them, I think they’d be so much better. I am horrible at false lash application and was fully prepared to spend 30 minutes trying to get these on (#dedication), but thankfully I got both of them applied on the first try! I don’t know if I’m getting better, if the lashband on these is easier to work with, or if it was just luck. Either way, I’m still super proud about it!

I also used the CoverFX Glitter Drops (in the Nova shade) as a lip topper. Throughout the month, I didn’t like them in any other areas of the face other than the lips. I applied the Pixi MatteLast Liquid Lip in the shade Evening Rose, let that dry, and then patted glitter drops on the center of my lips with my finger. That is a beautiful combo on its own, but I much prefer a glossy lip so I added my favorite C.O. Bigelow Mentha Supreme 2X gloss on top. It’s minty fresh and adds such a gorgeous clear shine to the lips. Mmmm!!
I didn’t really know what look was going to come out of this palette, but I ended up really liking it a lot. This was definitely one of those days where I didn’t want to remove my makeup because I loved the way it looked so much. It’s not my typical easy, everyday makeup; it’s more like a date night, going out type of look. Perfect for a fancy Christmas!

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~Mani Monday~
I’ve been thinking about this nail polish since the middle of last week! I love wearing bold colors during Winter, but I was craving something soft and feminine like this Essence polish in the shade Sweet As Candy. These are some of my favorite polishes ever! The quality is amazing, the formula never disappoints, the price is perfect (only $1.99!), and the curved bristles on the brush makes for effortless application. With Christmas only 8 days away, these are a great idea for stocking stuffers!
What’s on your nails this week?

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