L'oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self Tanning Milk Review

Self tanning is a whole new world and even though I’ve been doing it for the past 2 ½ years, it still amazes me. I’m not someone who gets all scientific about things and how they work, so it’s kinda like magic that I’m super grateful for. In my journey of trying self tanners, I’ve really only used mousse options and they’ve worked great. Although they can be a little uncomfortable at times, so I was really interested in this new L’oreal Sublime Bronze Hydrating Self Tanning Milk. It sounded like a more lotion like option and I wanted to see what it was all about!

This can be found at most drugstores and retails for around $13 for 5.5 fl oz of product. As far as I know, they only offer this in the shade Medium. It is recommended that this be applied three times a week for a gradual tan, or it can also be used to extend a previous tan. Whether using this alone or as a tan extender, it’s not recommended that this be applied any more than three times in one week.
What sets this product apart from other self tanners is that it’s more of a lotion. It is made with Vitamin E to soften and nourish the skin. I normally apply this in the mornings, as I would with any regular body lotion. Although it is still a self tanner so it’s important to remember to apply it sparingly around the joints, such as the elbows, knees, ankles, and wrists. After it’s applied, you can wash your hands and go about your day as normal.

I love that this doesn’t require any extra work. It’s not like a normal self-tanning mousse where you have to do a bunch of prep work before application and it doesn’t have a color guard that would make your skin look unnatural. After initial application, it has a strong perfume scent (like many L’oreal products) that sticks around for a while. It’s not until the end of the day when I start to notice the typical self tan smell.
In the before and after pictures shown above are the results of using this lotion on its own three times a week as recommended. It gives a very soft color that makes it look like there’s a natural glow to the skin. I’ve also used this three times a week as a tan extender and it adds a few extra days of wear to my tanning mousse. Because this lotion provides such a natural color to the skin, it doesn’t wear off in any weird way. It’s almost too undetectable to notice any splotchiness or dry patches as it fades.  

Overall, I do really like this tanning milk. I would recommend it and it is one that I would repurchase again. It doesn’t give the darkest color to the skin, but I appreciate that it helps me not look so pasty white and adds a few days of color to my normal self tan. I would like to see a darker shade or two extended to the line for more options, though. Hopefully they’ll make that happen soon!

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