Unexpected Makeup Finds #5

It’s not everyday that you find beauty and makeup products that perform the way you expect them to. It’s even more rare to find a product that actually exceeds your expectations. If you’ve ever experienced that before, you know it’s one of the best feelings ever! When I find products like that, I get so excited and feel like I have to shout it from the rooftops. That’s essentially why I created this Unexpected Makeup Finds series, to highlight products that went above and beyond my expectations.
Although the series does have “makeup” in the title, the majority of products featured in this post focus more around skin and hair care. Those are two areas I tend to be the most disappointed in, which makes these finds that much better.

The first product I want to mention is the Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser. I have extremely oily, acne prone skin and I used to never use anything that didn’t have some type of acne fighting ingredient. But after the majority of my acne finally cleared up a few years ago, I really focused on switching to more gentle skincare products.

At first, I didn’t understand how such a basic cleanser could be so helpful to my skin. I tried a few others, including some from the Cetaphil line, but this Daily Facial Cleanser for Normal to Oily Skin was the only one that left my face feeling squeaky clean. I use this two, sometimes three, times a day. I love how gentle, yet effective this is at cleansing my skin. And the affordable drugstore price point is a total bonus!
I had heard about the Evian Facial Spray and honestly, I used to roll my eyes at it. I thought spritzing my face with an aerosol water sounded so extra. It wasn’t until I actually got to try it that I realized how useful it actually is. Other makeup setting sprays never really impressed me much and I was always worried about what kind of chemicals were in them that could potentially cause breakouts on my skin. With the Evian spray, I don’t have to worry about that because it’s just water.

I mainly use this after makeup application because it helps everything to really melt into the skin. It also makes the face feel more refreshed both after makeup application and any other time throughout the day, which is why I typically use the travel size bottles. Especially with this Florida heat and humidity, this facial spray has been a lifesaver!
Eyelashes have always been a pretty big obsession of mine. Unfortunately, my natural lashes are less than impressive so I’m constantly looking for ways to improve them. Mascara’s great and all, but it can only do so much. I’ve tried a few different lash serums before, none of which ever made any difference.

I thought the same was going to be true about this Peter Thomas Roth Lashes to Die For Turbo Conditioning Lash Enhancer, but I was willing to give it a shot. And boy, am I glad I did! After using this every night for 6 weeks, as documented in my full review, I really saw a difference. It was most obvious when applying mascara. It encouraged new lash growth, so my lash line was looking more full and the actual lashes themselves were thicker and longer than they had ever been before. The price makes me want to faint, but the results are incredible!
When I was in elementary school, I used to beggg my mom to let me wear fake nails. Press-ons were all she would allow at the time and I remember them not being very good quality at all. Press-on nails have seemed to make a comeback and based on those old experiences, I honestly wasn’t expecting very much from them.

The Kiss imPRESS nails are insanely affordable, so I picked up a marble design called Yeah Boy to test out. It’s been months and I still cannot get over the quality of these! They’re super slim and fit my nails perfectly, they’re not too long, and they last an entire week. Even after seven days of wear, the adhesive was still going strong. I also got a french manicure design called Queen B and although they weren’t my favorite because you could see the gel underneath, they still lasted all week!
The last product I have to share for this post is the NuMe Lustrum Curling Wand Set. A longgg time ago, NuMe was the only curling wand brand anybody ever talked about. As usual, it took me forever to finally buy into the hype, but once I did I completely understood what everyone was talking about. This was one of the first reviews I ever posted on my blog and I’ve continued to love it ever since.

The set comes with one base, five different sized and shaped barrels, a travel case, and a heat-resistant glove. The glove never got any use from me, but I have always kept the set stored in the case. The size I use the most often is the 25 mm wand because it’s more of a curly wave rather than being a tight curl or a loose wave. What I love the most about these wands is how quickly they curl my hair, the shine it leaves behind, and how long the curls last. It is more of a pricey set, but I’ve used these wands exclusively for 4 years so I’d say it’s well worth it.
Every time I think about each of these products, I get so excited. It’s such a good feeling to find something that works so amazingly well, especially when you were least expecting it. I have a full list of other products I can include in future editions in this series, but in case you missed any of my previous posts and need more good suggestions you can read the rest here.

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