November Favorites

This past month has been all over the place. On one hand, I’ve been having the best time watching my LSU Tigers stay undefeated! On the other hand, the weather has gone through multiple dramatic changes and I seriously cannot keep up. Through all the craziness, I found a few great new products that I cannot wait to share, as well as an old favorite that has been a total life saver!
Let’s start things off with something a little odd. Plucking my eyebrows is pretty rare these days. I don’t have many hairs that grow out of place anymore and instead, I’ve been using eyebrow razors to remove thinner hairs that tweezers can’t get. I needed some new ones and since my local Walmart didn’t have what I was looking for, I went to Amazon.

These are by a brand called Tinkle and they’re a lot longer of a razor than the ones I’ve used previously. I’m not sure if it’s the size or the actual razor blade quality itself, but these are by far the best I’ve ever tried. They remove everything! Seriously, it’s kind of addicting. Out of curiosity, I used it over my entire face and I was shocked! My skin has never felt more soft, which has also improved makeup application.
Physicians Formula just released a bunch of new products within their Organic Wear line and I have been so impressed with this Silk Foundation Elixir. I have it in the shade Light/Medium, which matches me pretty well. It comes in a glass bottle with a glass dropper. A very little bit of this goes a long way. I apply it with my favorite Ecotools sponge and rarely ever have to apply any extra concealer on top. It is incredibly lightweight, but does need to be set with a powder because of its Jojoba and Coconut Oil ingredients.
Since I have such oily skin, highlighting is definitely my least favorite step and it’s something I rarely include in my makeup routine. However, I love both Pixi Beauty and Rachel (RachhLoves on Youtube), so of course I was going to find ways to use The Layers palette from this year’s Pixi Pretties collaboration. These are actually really nice highlighters and I do apply them to my cheeks every now and then, but I also use them on my eyes a lot. My three favorite shades are Lace, Tee, and Clutch --  shown in that order in the swatch picture below.
Another Pixi Pretties product that I’ve been using a lot lately is the Double Tap eyeshadow palette that they did in collaboration with Heart (ThatsHeart on Youtube). Pixi has great eyeshadows and the color selection in this palette is perfect for this time of year. I don’t get much use out of the two bright pink shades at the bottom, but all the other shadows in the palette are wonderful!
Something I’ve been dealing with a lot lately is chapped lips. That’s not an issue I’ve ever really struggled with before. I tried everything I could think of and the only thing that made a difference was olive oil and this Eos stick lip balm. When doing research, I learned that petroleum based products aren’t good for chapped lips because they don’t provide any moisturization. These are one of the few on the market that isn’t petroleum based.

I much prefer this stick balm compared to the Eos spheres because it’s easier to apply and carry around. The formula is lightweight, so it’s not too annoying having something sitting on the lips 24/7. Usually, I just use these underneath other lip products, but now I have a whole new appreciation for them.
My last two favorites are both nail polish and they’re almost the exact same color. The first is Ruby Murray from Butter London, which is a little darker with more red undertones. The second is Feeling Good! by Emma Beauty, which leans a little more purple. I love deep berry nails for Fall and these are two of the most flattering shades I’ve found.
I seriously cannot get enough of these nail colors and am still amazed at the difference those new razors made to my pamper routine. We’ve been having some strangely cold days and with Winter right around the corner, my lips are more than prepared with those Eos balms.

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XO ♥ Christina ♥

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