Emma Beauty Feeling Good! Collection

Nail polish is one of the easiest ways to switch up the accessories and mood for the week. I usually switch up my nail color once, sometimes twice, a week and it is almost always a reflection of either my mood or the week’s events. This new Emma Beauty Feeling Good! collection covers all the bases from light to dark shades with a high-quality formula.
This collection is part of their Fall release this year and can be purchased on the brand website. Each nail polish contains .5 fl oz and retails for $6. The entire bundle is also available (not at a discount, unfortunately) for $36. Something new that I noticed about this collection is that they are now claiming to be free of 12+ harmful ingredients, compared to their previous 7 free polishes. That’s pretty impressive and makes me feel better about wearing this formula on my nails.
The first color in this set is called #emmaworkingout and it is one of the most unique nail polishes I’ve seen in a while. It’s a soft baby blue with some light gray undertones and a slight hint of silver sparkle. For being such a light shade, it’s a lot more opaque than I was expecting when comparing it to similar polishes I’ve tried from this brand. Adding a high shine top coat to finish made this mani sparkle like no other!
The second polish in this set is called Peace & Pilates. I’m already a little biased towards this one just based on the name because I love Pilates! This is a light gray polish with a cream finish. As with the previous color, this one ended up being much more opaque than I was expecting which was a very pleasant surprise. Light grays like this can even sometimes act as a neutral because of their soft appearance.
The next polish in this collection is called So Much Fun on My Peloton. I don’t know that I’ve ever used a peloton before and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t have to Google it! This is an orange based red nail polish with a cream finish. Reds have always been the color Emma Beauty does best. They’re insanely opaque and could easily be finished in one coat.
Thrills in Beverly Hills is a rich berry toned pink. Again, it has a cream finish, as do the rest of the polishes in this collection. I actually used to have my bedroom painted something similar to this as a teenager, so these shades will always catch my attention. Pink is such a classic nail polish color and this is the perfect option if you’re wanting something a little deeper than a light pastel.
If you caught last week’s post featuring my top five Fall nails, these next two polishes might look very familiar. This deep berry shade is called Feeling Good! and it is one of my favorites to wear during the Fall season. It’s not too purple or too red, it’s the perfect mix of both that looks flattering on all different skin tones.
The last polish in this collection is a deep forest green called Saving is So Grand. I love this color because it’s dark and bold without appearing as harsh as a black polish. When it catches the light, it really emphasizes the green and makes it more fun. I don’t have anything else like this in my collection, it’s very unique!
Overall, I’m really happy with this entire collection. I love the deep berry and the forest green, and I’m so happy with the opacity in the two lighter shades. This might be my second favorite set that I’ve tried from Emma Beauty, right behind all the nude neutrals in the L.A. Manicure Collection.

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