Easy Curls in 10 Minutes

Growing up, I hated my curly hair. I mean, I seriously couldn’t stand it. All the adults were obsessed with it and always gushed over how curly it was. But it was my worst enemy and I’d constantly spend endless nights trying to get it straight. Eventually I gave up on that the older I got and learned to embrace my curls. Now, I’m completely in love with them and wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, it can sometimes still be a hassle to manage. Which is why you’ll usually catch me in a messy bun around town. But I have recently found a super fast way to control my natural hair and look polished in 10 minutes flat! I can’t even explain to you how happy that makes me!
I’m a makeup girl, not a hair girl. So while I’ll easy spend 30+ minutes applying makeup and loving every second of it, I can barely stand five minutes of trying to get my hair to cooperate. I had a routine I stuck to for quite a few years, but those 20-25 minutes were killer when I was just ready to be done. This new routine is my best friend and I highly recommend it to everyone who wants lightweight, shiny, curly hair in almost no time at all.

The first thing I do is brush my hair completely and gather it into a ponytail as high on top of my head as possible. The higher the pony, the more curls you’ll have. Then, make sure to spray some kind of heat protectant so you don’t burn the hair and brush it through again. My favorite is Pantene's heat protectant, but the sprayer it comes with isn’t very good so I transfer it into this pink $1 bottle I got at Target.
Using the 25mm curling wand from my favorite NuMe Lustrum Curling Wand Set, I take somewhat small sections of hair and wrap it around the barrel for a few seconds. This curling wand set leaves my hair so shiny, I don’t have to worry about adding in any extra product. It also curls the hair very quickly, so make sure to not leave it in place for too long.
Once I curl a section of hair, I don’t touch it. I just let it be so it can set in place as long as possible. When all of the hair in the ponytail is curled, I take my Plugged In straightener and gently go through the ends. The ends of the hair is what I’m hold while I’m curling the hair, so when it’s all done the ends can still looked a little frayed. The straightener helps smooth it out and give natural waves.
At this point, I would do whatever else I needed to in my routine to get ready and leave the ponytail as is to keep setting even longer. Right before I’m ready to head out, I loosen up the curls with my fingers while they’re still in the ponytail and gently take the ponytail out. Then I continue to fluff up and loosen the rest of my hair with my fingers, as well as create my side part.
Taking the straightener one more time, I go through to smooth out the hair around the crown of my head and my bangs. This gives a softer, more smooth and silky appearance for the hair next to my face. It polishes the look off and makes everything come together.
I go around the crown of my head once more with a wide tooth comb to make sure everything’s in place and then I’m all done. If you’d like, you can set it with hairspray. But I like to limit the products going into my hair since they tend to weigh it down, so I skip the hairspray step and go on with my day.
This hairstyle is so easy, I’m in love! As much as I enjoy the messy bun, I still like to wear my hair down. Especially since switching to the pink. Seeing it brightens my day because it’s so fun! If you recreate this look, please tag me on social media so I can see how it worked for you. And if you have any questions, please leave them for me in the comments! Have a fabulous day!!


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