August Boxycharm Unboxing

Boxycharm is here!! My favorite beauty subscription service has made its way into my mailbox and I couldn’t be more excited! I try really hard to not see any sneak peeks, so every time it arrives it’s always a complete surprise as to what’s inside. I love surprises! Y’all probably know the drill by now, so we’re just gonna hop right into reviewing last month's products before seeing what goodies are in the August box.

~Noyah Lipgloss (Malbec)~ This shade is beautiful! I was never really a pink lipstick kinda girl before, I always reached for the reds and berries instead. But with the pink hair, I’ve noticed that red lips clash a little bit so I’ve been going for the pink lips instead lately. I really like the packaging on this gloss and and am happy that it doesn’t have a sticky texture or any scent to it.

~Mally Beauty Evercolor Starlight Waterproof Eyeliner (Ice Blue)~ This eyeliner is really smooth, so I do like it for that reason. And the color is pretty, but I’ve realized that it has quite a bit of silver tones to it which I don’t necessarily like when it’s on the eyes. If the silver tones were taken out, I think it’d be perfect!

~PYT Argan Oil from Morocco~ I had only ever used one “pure” argan oil previously before receiving this one and I wasn’t really happy because it acted as more of a hair mask for me rather than a leave in treatment that I wanted to keep my hair soft and shiny. However, I was really happy to see that this one is a more lightweight oil and soaks into the hair nicely so I can use it as a leave in product without it making my hair greasy and weighed down.

~Ofra Professional Magnetic Palette & 6 single eyeshadows~ I ended up switching different products into the palette and moved the singles it came with into one of my DIY Z Palettes. This one’s a little bigger, so it’s easier to store my favorite blushes, bronzers, and a few eyeshadows. The eyeshadows it came with were great as far as the color selection. I even featured a few in a recent tutorial. I just wish they came with shade names on the back and would have liked to see more consistency in the quality between all six shadows.

Last month’s products were really nice. I’m still super excited to have received the Ofra palette with the individual eyeshadows. And I’m glad the argan oil worked out better for me than I was expecting it to. This month, the theme is Express Yourself and the little reference card is full of different emojis. How cute?!
The first item sitting on top in the box is a Time Repair Serum from Aloette Cosmetics ($48). It claims to smooth away fine lines and wrinkles with its alpha and beta hydroxy acids and green tea extract. It smells refreshing and felt very lightweight when I tested it on my hand. I like that it’s made with more natural ingredients. You can use the code BOXYCHARM within 10 days and get 25% off your order on their website.
With the rate Boxycharm is going, I don’t think I’d ever have to buy another mascara again. I’m not complaining, though! I love trying new mascaras. The one included this month is by Doucce Cosmetics and is their Maxlash Volumizer Mascara ($22). The wand looks really interesting, but not like something I would be a huge fan of. To me, it looks like it would create clumpy lashes which I’m not too interested in. But as I make my way through my back stock of mascaras, I’ll have to give this one a fair try.
Next is one of the Beauty for Real Shadow Stx and I received mine in the shade All Day Latte ($19). I’m not usually a big fan of shadow sticks, as mentioned in my NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils Review. However, the more I started looking at this color, I began to think how perfect it would be along the lash line as a liner. The shade name made me think it was going to be more of a brown, but I do notice some purple tones to it as well and was really impressed with how smooth it was when swatched. It says it’s a cream-to-powder formula and only allows for 15 seconds of blending before it sets in place. I will definitely be putting that to the test!
How completely adorable is this packaging?! Total Minnie Mouse vibes going on and makes me wanna go back to Disneyworld! This is a Velvet Matte Liquid Lipstick in the shade Phantom and is by the company Dirty Little Secret ($10). I didn’t notice any obnoxious smell to it and only had to wait about a minute before it completely dried to a matte finish on my hand. It does have quite a bit of orange undertones to it, which I’m not sure about but I’m willing to give it a try. I am also looking forward to testing the consistency and wear time of this during the month.
The last item in the box is a Mini Blush and Bronzer Palette from Coastal Scents and includes a small angled brush. The palette retails for $13.95 and although I wasn’t able to find the brush on the website, the reference card says it is $6. In the palette, there are two blushes, a highlight, and two bronzers. There is no mirror or specified place for the brush to fit inside the palette and it stays shut with a slight magnetic pull.
In the swatch picture below, you can see that there is one darker matte blush, which I’m more drawn to, and a lighter shimmery blush. The highlight is a light golden beige and isn’t too overly sparkly. The bronzers are much like the blushes in that there is a darker matte as well as a lighter shimmery option. Although I am more interested in the matte options, I do think it’d be great to mix the blushes or the bronzers together to make a custom medium shade between the two. I didn’t notice much fallout from the powders and am happy that they all have a consistent smooth texture.
This box definitely isn’t my favorite by any means just because I’m not interested in orange-toned red lips or shadow sticks and I won’t be using the mascara since I’m working through so many others at the moment. I think I’m most excited about the Time Repair Serum and the effects it might have on my skin. The total value of this box is $119, so it’s still a great value since you only pay $21. If you’re interested in the products included in this month’s box or would like to sign up for Boxycharm yourself, you can visit their website here.

Did you get the August Boxycharm? What are your favorite products that were included?


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