Empties ~ August 2016

It’s that time again to talk dirty! As always, I’ve been acting like a crazy person and saving my trash for y’all because that’s just what I do. Just kidding, I do actually own a trash can for those of you who might be a little disturbed. I just saved a few items over the past couple of months that are worth mentioning as far as beauty products are concerned. I did throw out quite a bunch of my favorite items for the sake of not being too repetitive with these posts. But if you’ve missed any from the past, you can catch up on them all here. Now let’s get to the reviews so you can see what I loved, what I didn’t, and what I will, won’t, or have already repurchased.
Starting with oral hygiene, I have finished a bottle of the Walmart brand version of Crest’s 3D White Alcohol Free mouthwash. Usually I think store versions of products do a pretty good job of matching up to the name brand items, so I figured I’d give this a try and see how it compares. This is not my first Equate bottle that I have gone through and aside from a slight taste difference, I don’t notice anything in how white it makes my teeth. I’ve already repurchased it and plan on repurchasing it in the future as well.

Recently, I’ve been trying the Crest Pro-Health HD 2 Step System and have been really impressed. I didn’t think I would actually notice a difference, but after about two weeks of using the system I started noticing my teeth become more white. I only ran out of step 1 and have a little bit of step 2 left. It didn’t take as much extra time using the 2 step as I thought and may repurchase this, but will definitely look for a coupon.
For hair products, I finished a big bottle of my favorite Pantene Curl Perfection shampoo. I think I’ve only mentioned it a few other times, so I wanted to include it again because it really has been doing great things for my hair. It makes my hair extremely soft while controlling my curls and my oil production throughout the day.

I also finished my recent favorite Oliology Smoothing Keratin Oil 7-in-1 Treatment. I found this at TJMaxx and really liked using it on my hair. If I can find it there again, I’ll definitely repurchase it. It made my hair very smooth, and kept it strong and healthy while not weighing it down. I’ve searched long and hard to find a leave-in cream treatment like this that actually works and I’m happy to say that I’ve found one I really like.
For face products, I have a few empties that are my favorite items and that I explained in detail in my Skincare Routine post. The Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser is super gentle and has really surprised me with how well it takes care of my acne. The St. Ives Blemish Control Apricot Scrub is what I use twice a week before I apply my mask and leaves my skin incredibly soft. The Clinique Acne Solutions All Over Clearing Treatment is by far the best and most lightweight moisturizer I have ever tried. I can’t be without it and will always repurchase.

I received the Simple Micellar Makeup Remover Wipes in an Influenster Voxbox a few months ago. Typically, I don’t like makeup remover wipes, but these weren’t that bad. I actually preferred to use them in the mornings as something quick and easy to cleanse my skin. I probably won’t repurchase these because washing my face is still my preferred method, but they are a good option if you’re looking into gentle wipes.
For makeup items, I don’t have much since I usually go through those products more slowly. But these are all some of my favorites and I will absolutely be repurchasing each of these three at some point. The NYX Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown is great for detail work if you have small brows, like myself, and is super easy to work with.

Wet n Wild’s MegaLength mascara is a great lengthening mascara and incredibly affordable. It can be a little tricky to work with at times because it’s easy to create spider lashes with how wet the formula is. So I typically use this as a touch-up mascara throughout my day. Maybelline’s Better Skin Concealer is a great option when you want something that’s quick and easy to blend in and provides just enough coverage without looking too heavy.
My favorite contact solution is Opti-Free Replenish. This is the one that I started using when I got contacts eight years ago and I’ve never once had an issue with it. It keeps my contacts moist and comfortable for me to wear for hours on end. I use olive oil for a few different things in my beauty routine from my DIY Lip Scrub to Cleaning my Makeup Brushes. The quality of it doesn’t really matter for those uses, so I just buy the cheapest one I can find which is this little bottle of Gem Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

I’ve mentioned Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrubs many times before and don’t typically include them in my empties posts anymore because I go through them so often, but I just had to mention this one. They came out with new scents and I’ve been loving the Lychee and Plum the most. The quality is the same as all the others, but this scent is so refreshing yet somewhat calming at the same time.
I tried not to go too long in between my empties posts like I did last time because I didn’t want to have a billion items to mention, but I still feel like I had a good enough amount. And now I can finally take all of these things out of the empties bin in my closet and throw them in the trash! I hope you enjoyed this post. If you have questions about any of these products, please leave them for me in the comments below. I’d also love to hear if you’ve tried any of these items before and what you thought of them!


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