Nothing Over $10 Challenge

It’s time for another tag post! I’ve been seeing a few new tags going around involving both beauty and the Fall weather. It doesn’t really feel much like Fall in Florida yet, so we’ll be sticking with a makeup tag for now. I’ve always been a huge advocate for drugstore makeup and thought that the Nothing Over $10 Makeup Challenge would be perfect. If you haven’t heard of this before, the rules are that you have to create a full face only using products that are under $10. I will be providing links to each product so you can check the price for yourself ;) This is gonna be a piece of cake!
At least I thought it was going to be a piece of cake...When I was picking out different face products, those are usually more expensive and I had a really hard time with it. So while this primer isn’t technically under $10 in most stores, I did find it on sale on Amazon for a little over $5! And you can always find coupons, so I figured it’d be okay to include it. The Garnier 5 Sec Blur Instant Skin Smoother is my favorite primer that I have tried. I’ve mentioned it in multiple favorites posts and it really does blur my pores instantly while keeping my makeup in place all day.
For foundation, I chose to go with my favorite Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation in the shade Ivory. It gives such a natural look to the skin, while providing great coverage with a lightweight consistency. I also used my two favorite Maybelline concealers, the Maybelline Fit Me (Light) for specific problem areas, and the Maybelline Instant Age Rewind for Dark Circles (Fair) to use on my undereye area. These are both my two favorite concealers because they provide such great coverage and are easy to blend. I have written a separate review on all three of these products previously (and most others you’ll see mentioned in this post), which you can find by typing the product into the search feature on the right sidebar.
I chose the Physicians Formula Talc-Free Mineral Wear powder in the shade Creamy Natural to set my face and the Elf High Definition Undereye Setting Powder to set my undereye concealer and eyelids. I really like both of these powders and think they do a wonderful job. Physicians Formula is known to be a little more pricey, but this one is just underneath the $10 cutoff in most stores and they’re almost always on sale.
To highlight underneath my brow bone, I almost always use this combination. I apply the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in the shade Milk first, blending it out with the warmth of my fingertip. Then I use the Maybelline Fit Me powder in Ivory, which is one of the lightest shades they offer. Applying powder over the top will keep the pencil in place and make it more bright to really create the illusion of a more lifted brow bone. I also take this same powder to brighten my undereye area.
I’m sure you could have guessed this one. I’m choosing Makeup Geek for both my blush and bronzer. They are right at the $10 mark when you buy them in the pans and I really do mean it when I say I don’t use any other blushes or bronzers on a daily basis anymore unless it’s Makeup Geek. The blush and bronzer combo I’m using for this challenge is Bad Habit and Spellbound. Two of my favorites and they look gorgeous together. Spellbound, especially, is a blush that can be paired with anything.
I would have liked to use the NYX Micro Brow Pencil, which is one of my favorites, but since I’m working my way through four other brow pencils right now I haven’t repurchased it yet. I don’t have any other pencils that are under $10 mark, so I chose my NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder (Taupe/Ash) instead. Powders are a little difficult for me to build up in my thin brows, but this is a really nice product and was my favorite before switching to pencils.
In the picture below, it looks like a lot of eye products. But if you’ve been on my blog once or twice, then you’ll probably recognize most of them. Primer is from Milani, eyeliner is Ulta’s gel pencil liner in Black Out, and mascara is Jordana’s Best Lash Extreme Volumizing mascara. I didn’t try to cheat and do something super simple, so I used a few different eyeshadow shades in the same order I do in my tutorials. The colors I used are Wet n Wild’s Brulee, L’oreal Infallible single eyeshadow in Amber Rush, Ulta’s Milk Chocolate and Naked single eyeshadows, and a NYX shadow in Black.
Once I’m done with my eyelook is usually when I go in with my Elf High Definition powder to set the face. This does a really good job at controlling my oils and blurring the appearance of my pores even more. It absorbs into my skin in just a few minutes and doesn’t ever look cakey. I love this powder and almost always have a backup just in case!
I decided to go for a red lip and I’m using all my favorite products to achieve it. I prep my lips first with an EOS balm (the Summer Fruit scent is deliciousss) before lining them with Jordana’s lip pencil in Rock N’ Rose. The lip pencil adds just a little bit of depth and keeps the red from bleeding out of the lines. Although these two products have never given me a problem, it’s always better to be safe. My favorite red lip combo is the NYX Matte lipstick in Perfect Red with a thin layer of the NYX Butter Gloss (Cherry Pie) on top.
Here are my after pictures of what the final product looks like all put together ♥
I love mixing the coppery browns on the eye with a red lip, a white top, and gold jewelry. It’s probably one of my most common go-to looks! Aside from struggling to find a few products, I think this challenge was pretty easy for me and included many products that I love and use on a regular basis.
I hope you enjoyed this post and if you any questions about certain products that I used, please leave them for me in the comments below. If you choose to accept this challenge yourself, don’t forget to tag me on social media so I can see your final look! Links are all listed below ;)


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