My Top 10 Worst Blog Posts

In case you missed my last post on Monday, I narrowed down my top 10 best blog posts in celebration of Christina’s Chic Corner hitting the one year mark. I already knew what some of my best blogs were, but it was fun to go through them all and reminisce on how far I’ve come in the blogging world. So to go along with that post, I thought it’d be even more fun (and embarrassing) to take a peek at my top 10 worst blog posts. I’ll be including my reactions, why I think they “failed,” and what I think I could have done better.
This one actually surprised me quite a bit. Not because I think it was a super amazing post, but because there were a lot of products mentioned in it which would allow me to promote it on many platforms. However, this was posted during a time of year that’s very busy for most people so it’s understandable. Although the three nail polishes pictured still give me so much life even just looking at them!
This one I almost can’t believe. I have no idea what went wrong here. The Balm is a pretty popular brand and I thought these Meet Matt(e) palettes had a lot of attention on them. The tutorial I posted to go along with it did fine, but the actual review seemed to fall behind. I couldn’t tell you what happened with this one, I’m still trying to figure it out.
Most of my recipes seem to take a while before they gain an average amount of views and even then they’re still always on the lower end and never really pick up. I think this pie is absolutely delicious and I can destroy it in two days flat, maybe I’m just extreme when it comes to chocolate. I share my favorite recipes like this because I get so excited about them, but if y’all really don’t want them included anymore then definitely let me know so I can post content that will be more relevant to you.
I totally do not blame this post for making it on the list. I’m about as beginner as it gets when it comes to DIY projects and have about zero imagination when I’m walking through craft stores trying to figure out what to do. I’m not very talented at painting and although I think it’s fun in the beginning, I do tend to get pretty bored at the end and rush through just to be done. I think that came across in this post and probably the reason I have never linked back to it.
Another DIY project I get embarrassed looking back at. This anchor turned out pretty cute and the hot chocolate I shared is still my favorite, but the other canvas I made makes me cringe. I had a good idea going in my head and have no idea why I found it so hard to do a simple glitter gradient. Never again!
Boxycharm posts are usually some of the ones that gain the most exposure the fastest, which makes it interesting to me that this one even made the list at all. I’m almost 100% sure I know why, though. When I first started my blog, I didn’t have an Instagram or a Twitter. I barely did any promoting for myself and when I did expand my social media, I didn’t even know what a hashtag was. Trust me, I can hear your gasps from here. I’m not sure how I thought people were going to see my posts and think this making the list reflects those mistakes.
I’ve linked back to this post a few times and while it’s always been one of my least viewed posts, I’m surprised it made it so far down on the list. I’m thinking it was the title. While I was trying to be clever, I don’t think it really helped gain me any exposure. Not many people have as big of an issue with talc as I do and some might not even know what it is, which means they’re not going to search for it or click on it when they see it. I could easily change the title, but I mention talc so many other times anyway that I don’t think it’s really that necessary especially since the photo quality isn’t very good in it.
This is very similar to the 2015 Favorites post. It included a lot of products, making it easy for me to promote but I think the issue was in the timing. A lot must have been going on for many people around that time and it kind of slipped to the back. I don’t link back to favorites posts too often either because it’s not always relevant if it’s not current, which also causes it to be forgotten about and we just moved on to the next month.
I worked so hard on this!! Just kidding. I did really need to clean everything out and re-swatch my nail samples at the time, so it wasn’t that much of a waste. I just figured it was something nail polish lovers could really benefit from and wanted to share the way that’s always kept things organized for me. It was also difficult to promote a post like this and I’m not completely certain that it’s something many people search for either. I would’ve had to rely on Pinterest for this one and didn’t even acknowledge that as a promotion platform at the time.
This was only my third blog post that I had ever written. The photo quality and background was horrible! Not only did I not advertise for myself anywhere, I very rarely ever link back to Boxycharm Unboxing posts because they’re not always relevant. With those things against me, it’s no wonder why this post didn’t succeed.
Although this list had a few Boxycharm and DIY posts included, I’m happy to at least be able to see how far I’ve come in that my unboxings are now some of my most liked posts every month. I really enjoy reviewing the products because that’s something I rarely see in other unboxings. Looking through this list, I’ve also gotten to recognize my old mistakes and how I’ve changed them over the course of this year. That makes me really excited and optimistic for what I will learn in the next year of blogging.

Thank you for taking this little trip with me down memory lane looking at my top 10 best and worst blog posts. I appreciate everything that has happened and am so grateful I started this journey in my life. Don’t forget to come back on Friday for a special post celebrating Christina’s Chic Corner's official one year!


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