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I can hardly believe it, but Christina’s Chic Corner will be one year old this Friday! So to celebrate, I thought it would be fun to go through all my previous blog posts and take a look back through this past year. So much has happened! So many reviews, tutorials, unboxings, empties, hauls, recipes, DIY projects, birthday and holiday celebrations. Looking through my old posts is a little embarrassing, but it shows me how much I’ve grown, reminds me of the things I’ve learned, and makes me excited for what’s to come. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane and see what my top 10 blog posts were within this past year!!
I did exclude any tags and specialty posts out of this list to keep it more clear. Starting from the least popular within the top 10 and working my way to the most popular, I’ll be sharing behind the scenes stories of each post and some fun throwback pictures!

This might sound silly, but these hair posts are some of the hardest for me to do! The weather in Florida never seems to cooperate and I was still so new to blogging at this point, I had absolutely no idea how I was supposed to pose for this. But even before I started my blog, I knew this was something I wanted to review so it had to be done!
I’ve posted quite a few BH Cosmetics reviews and y’all always seem to like them, especially the brush sets. I think almost all of them are in this top 10! This specific one is the BH Cosmetics Sculpt & Blend (the original set). I was trying to go for natural lighting by the window, but that clearly didn’t work. I also had to tape the back of these brushes to get them to stay in place! #bloggerhacks
I am so happy this made it into the top 10! This was my very first tutorial I had ever done and I had no idea what I was doing. I was a little scared, but so excited the day I posted this. I had never read a blog post with an eyeshadow tutorial and just went with what I feel like I could work with. I thought the lighting was a little too bright, but the palette and this look are still one of my favorites!
My very first blog post, oh my goodness!! I had a little bit of trouble trying to figure out how to “demonstrate” how amazing this set really is and still don’t know what I could have done to make it better. I do still use this same teeth whitening system and probably always will! The EOS lip balm in Summer Fruit is one of my favorite products to use while I’m whitening because it provides just enough moisturization on the lips and smells absolutely delicious!
This one definitely took the longest to actually do (sooo much yard work), but is also one of the most satisfying to see how much better everything is. When I first thought of this as an idea, I wasn’t sure if it would really “fit” with my blog. Then I realized that it’s something I’m passionate about and truly enjoy, so I went for it and look where it ended up - on my top 10! So if it has taught me anything, it’s listen to my instincts and write about what I love.
The second brush set on this list and of course it’s going to be from BH Cosmetics! I link back to this post all the time in my tutorials. Specifically because I’m always using the small shader and pencil brush in almost every look. I still hadn’t figured my lighting out at this point - or my backgrounds - but I was working on it. Blogging is a constant learning process.
If it weren’t for this review, I think I would’ve completely forgotten that I owned this palette. I haven’t pulled it out in such a long time. Morphe was raved about for quite a while, but recently they don’t seem to be mentioned as much anymore. Which, if you read this review, then you’d know I’m perfectly fine with that. This one was hard for me to write because I had so much to say about it and had to force myself to focus on the topic without completely going on a side rant. I think at this point, we all know how much I like to talk so I’m sure you can imagine my struggle.
Ohhh, boy was I nervous about posting this review! I think it was my first review where I had to speak some honest truth that I knew some people really weren’t going to like. I didn’t know what was going to come from it or how reactions were going to go, but what I did know was that Morphe was a very popular brand that I didn’t support and felt like people deserved to know the truth. So that’s exactly what I did and since it made a spot in the top 3, I think it’s safe to say I made a good decision. Aside from the pink shadowed lighting from my beauty room, it was raining that day - what else is new?!
Not gonna lie, I totally felt like a genius when I thought of this as a blog topic. My whole mindset was reviews, reviews, reviews and the challenge came in when I realized I needed to bring in something a little more interesting. I was basically just trying to answer the same question I had when I first saw these in the store - what’s the difference between the two?? I think I accomplished that with this post and it’s definitely one I’m very proud of.
I knew this was going to be a popular post just based off of the response of the original BH Cosmetics Brush Set Review at the time, but what set this one apart was that the set was brand new. I definitely think its popularity on Pinterest also has a lot to do with it gaining momentum and bringing it into the number one spot! Looks like I have an excuse to place some more orders, any suggestions??
The main thing I notice when looking back at these old blog posts is that Pinterest helped promote many of them and that I really needed to pay more attention the photo quality and lighting. I had no idea many of these would become as popular as they did and I am so grateful for every single person who read these posts, commented, saved a pin, and supported me in any way as I was learning what to do. I still learn new things constantly and am always trying to improve any aspect of my brand that I can. Don’t forget to come back Wednesday when I’ll be sharing my top 10 worst blog posts and again on Friday, the official date of my one year blogging!

~Mani Monday~
This week I decided to dive into the darker colors a little more and went with a deep red. I’m wearing a Nicole by OPI polish in the shade Deeply in Love. It has a hint of cranberry undertones to it and I love that it’s a darker shade than just a typical red, perfect for this time of year. It did have a very thin consistency, so I had to do a full two coats. However, sometimes thinner polishes are nice because they tend to stay on longer. The only thing I didn’t like was how thin and small the brush was, making it a little more difficult to apply.
What’s on your nails this week?


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