StudioMakeup On-the-Go Palette Tutorial

It’s been a little while since I posted an eyeshadow tutorial and I have to say I really did miss it! As far as techniques, I think we’ve realized that I pretty much do the same thing every time I do my makeup. However, I do think it’s important to still create tutorials so you can see how I use specific items that I talk about and what they look like on the face. I also like keeping the same technique because it’s easier to follow that way and is a technique that is perfect to use on a daily basis. I received this Studiomakeup palette in last month’s Boxycharm and swatched a few shades in that post. There will be a separate review coming soon, but I just had to get my tutorial fix first ;)
To start off, I primed my eyelids with my favorite Milani eyeshadow primer and then used the matte cream in the top row of this palette as my base shade to put over it after I let it dry completely. Applying a base shade in between the primer and the actual shadow colors we’ll be using helps things to blend a little better.
For my transition color, I’ll be using the matte shade on the far right in the middle row of this palette. I applied it with a Morphe MB23 blending brush to create a subtle definition in the crease. This will give a nice warm shadow behind the other colors we’ll be applying on top and helps everything to look more blended and transitioned together.
For the most intense shade of this look, I’m combining the two browns in the bottom row and applying that mainly on the outer corner, blending whatever’s left on the brush up into the crease. These two shadows are very pigmented, so although you should be gently tapping the excess powder off of your brush every time you pick up a color, it’s especially important with these two. Forgetting to do so will cause you a big headache trying to blend it all. Remember, it’s much easier to work in thin layers rather than trying to blend out everything at once after applying too much.
Because this palette offers such a beautiful warm copper, I decided to use that on an Elf Contour brush directly above (and slightly on top of) the previous two brown shades in the crease. This is another very pigmented shade and a little bit goes a long way. The bristles on this brush are densely packed together, allowing for precise application of that color. I’m also going in with a Sonia Kashuk blending brush in between each shadow to keep things blended before moving on.
For the lower lash line, I’m using the same camel shadow that I used as my first transition color and applying that with a BH Cosmetics #105 pencil brush from their Eye Essential brush set. This will bring some of the warm shades underneath the eye as well so it doesn’t look too top heavy.
Moving on to the eyelid, I chose the shimmery banana shade that’s on the right in the first row. I applied it over the inner half of my eyelid with my finger first and then blended it out with a BH Cosmetics #103 Small Shader brush from the same set I just mentioned. Applying it with my finger gives a faster, more intense pigmentation so I don’t have to work at building it up with my brush.
After applying the banana shade, I realized I wanted some more dimension and something a little more bright. The first shimmery shade in the first row of this palette was perfect for that! I chose to put it on the very inner part of my eyelid, but it would also be great to pat right on the center as well. This is where I started thinking it looked a little bit like a candy corn. I’m not complaining!
To create even more of an ombre effect between all of these shades, I used the same matte cream shadow that I used as my base and put it right on the inner corner on my eye with a small smudge brush. I like adding in that matte effect after all the glitter on the eyelid and this will catch the light even more to brighten the eyes.
For eyeliner, I used the Hikari retractable pencil liner in the shade Raven that I also received in last month’s Boxycharm. This pencil is so smooth, I barely even have to touch it on my lashline. And of course, anything you do in pencil, cream, gel, liquid, etc. has to be set with a powder. I used the matte black eyeshadow that’s in this palette with an angled eyeliner brush from Ecotools.
Finishing up by curling the lashes and adding a few coats of mascara. Well, let’s be real...adding a lot of coats of mascara! In case you missed it previously, you can find my detailed mascara routine here where I explained every step I take to get the longest, most volumized lashes without wearing falsies.
Here’s a close up of what the final product looks like. Is anyone else seeing the candy corn vibes or is it just me??
And here’s a more condensed step by step guide on everything we just did:
I am not someone who typically wears very many warm eyeshadows, I’ve always leaned more towards the cool-toned taupes. This palette offers a little bit of both, but I definitely have to admit I’m really enjoying the warmer shades as we move into Fall. I will have the full review on this palette coming to you as soon as I can, but I’ll just go ahead and tell you it’s definitely one that I would recommend!!

If you have any other questions, please leave them for me in the comments section below! I really hoped you enjoyed and if you recreate this look, don’t forget to tag me on social media so I can see it on you! All of my social media links are listed below ;) Hope you have a beautiful day!


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