Benefit Roller Lash Review

Mascara may be one of my favorite makeup products and I may have a desire to want to try all of them that I can, but I get nervous at times because I don’t want to have one bad lash day. The struggle is real, y’all. Being the makeup addict that I am, though, I will suck it up in hopes of finding the perfect, most amazing, most magical mascara there is. Benefit’s Roller Lash mascara basically blew up the entire beauty community when it was released and I’ve only heard very little complaints about it. This little travel size has been sitting in my backup drawer forever and I’m finally making a big enough dent in the mascaras I already had open that I could break this one out and finally give it a try.
I don’t even want to admit to you how long this has been sitting around waiting to be used. But if you’ve stuck around since my Birthday Haul back in January, then you might have an idea. So embarrassing! This is obviously a travel size tube, but the full size retails at $24. It claims that its unique wand will grab the lashes and separate them, while lifting and curling at the same time. It also promises to hold in place for 12 hours. I haven’t seen any advertising for whether this is marketed to be a volumizing or a lengthening mascara. But with my own experience, I’ve noticed a little of both.
I don’t think the curved wand is anything special because I’ve seen the same design in different mascaras. What I do like about it is that it has rubber bristles that are pretty good at separating most of the lashes. I’m not sure if it’s the formula or how long I’ve had it, but I did notice a slightly thicker consistency that would tend to clump together if I wasn’t careful. It says you’re supposed to twist the wand as you brush it through your lashes. That seems very difficult and a little scary, so that is one thing I didn’t try with this.
I do think it makes my lashes look very nice. I’ve used it on its own to see how it performs and I’ve also layered my favorite lengthening mascara on top of it to see how it can be built up. I liked it both ways and was especially pleased with the results when using it on its own (as shown in the picture above). It can be difficult for me to find a mascara I like to use by itself, so that’s definitely a plus for this one. I did notice it hold a curl very well and enhance my lashes even when I didn’t use a lash curler.

When considering different high-end mascaras, this is one of my favorites that I’ve tried so far and one of the few that I think are worth the money. I didn’t test the 12 hour claim, but it did hold up to all of its other promises. The combination between the formula and the wand is perfect and creates beautiful lashes without having to reach for a partner product. If you have any other questions about this mascara, please leave them for me in the comments. Also, I’d love to hear what your favorite high-end mascara is!

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