bareMinerals Prep Step Review

As much as I skip around between different makeup brands, bareMinerals has never been one that’s really caught my attention. I’ve tried a few of their products and while some were okay, most of what I tried just didn’t impress me much. However, this Prep Step lotion really got me interested when I saw it in my July Boxycharm. I hadn’t ever tried anything like this before and I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. Was it a BB cream? Was it a lotion? Did it have pigmentation? There were so many questions!
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The packaging on this is very nice. It’s a hard plastic bottle that is pretty difficult to squeeze and I like that it’s very simple looking. It has a pointed spout to release the product and although it’s a hard plastic, I haven’t had any trouble getting product out because it does have a very liquidy consistency. This retails for $30 (right now it’s on sale for $23 on Amazon) and comes with 1.35 fl oz of product. That is a little bit more than the amount of product you’d get in a foundation or similar type of product, which is typically only 1 oz.
The product comes out white and if you look really close, you can see super small pigment beads. It reminds me a lot of my old favorite L’oreal BB Creams in that sense. It does have SPF 50 in it, which makes it perfect for when you’re spending time outside but still want the slightest amount of coverage. The color matches itself to your natural skin tone pretty well and the pigmentation in it is almost undetectable. It truly is the definition of a “your skin but better” type of product.
Because it’s so liquidy, I like blending this in with my fingers. I feel like you’d be wasting product if you tried to use a brush or a sponge. It absorbs in the skin pretty quickly and although it has a high SPF factor, it doesn’t have much of a scent. Products with SPF are also known to typically leave white casts on the skin in photos, but I haven’t noticed that with this lotion. It stays on the skin all day long, with or without a primer, and feels like absolutely nothing. I’m not sure if I’d really have a category to put this in because it doesn’t provide enough coverage to be considered a BB Cream or a foundation, but it also provides more than just your average lotion. Either way, I’ve really been impressed with this and will definitely be taking it on our beach honeymoon!

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