Setting The Wedding: Part 8

I cannot even believe that this is the last post in my Setting the Wedding series and that I’m getting married in just a little more than two weeks. To say I’m stressed would be a complete understatement for all the things that have been going through my head lately. We’ve been engaged for nine months and now that we’re at the end of all the wedding planning, I feel like I have a hundred different loose ends that all need to be tied together in two weeks. How is that even happening already?!
I think last month is when I really started getting in total stress-mode and it has only gotten worse the closer we’ve gotten. I’ve been pretty relaxed through this entire process and now it’s hitting me like a wall of bricks. I know I’m really good at procrastinating and making decisions at the last minute, but this is my wedding we’re talking about! I can’t make any mistakes!

In case you’re not all caught up, you can catch my previous posts in this series to see what I’ve been working on up until this point. I had my final dress fitting after the first alterations appointment and I am so happy to say that it fit perfectly. Not knowing whether or not I’d have to make another appointment was definitely worrying me. It looked like a completely different dress with all of the extra fabric taken off. I can’t wait to wear it!!
Thank you notes.JPG
I got all of my thank you notes out in the mail within one week after each of my bridal showers. That was something I made sure to take care of quickly! And speaking of cards, the rsvps have still been the single biggest stressor through this entire process. I still can’t understand what is so hard about putting a pre-addressed, pre-stamped envelope in the mail, but apparently it’s extremely difficult for at least half of our guest list. It’s been a big eye opener, for sure! The excuses people can come up with is just beyond me. Although it’s pretty disheartening, I keep reminding myself of what’s really important.

We got the favors completely taken care of, which was actually pretty easy to do once we made a final decision on them. I just got my garter set in the mail and holy cow is it adorable!! I ordered it off of Etsy and it fits perfectly. As far as the something old, new, borrowed, and blue, I have everything except for something borrowed. Our bachelor and bachelorette parties are coming up soon, which should be fun. Jacob is basically doing all of the planning for his, but my sister (Maid of Honor) is pretty much keeping everything a secret from me. Just like my bridal showers!
We finally got to meet with our officiant / deejay and that was a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Not only had we not met him before, but he was such a big help in guiding us through choosing ceremony and reception details that I didn’t even think of. I did finally compile a list of songs to give him an idea of what we like for reception music, so now I can step away from that a little bit. We also met with our photographers once again to finalize more details since things had changed some compared to when we first sat down with them.

Our to-do list is getting shorter, but because we’re so close it’s still stressing me out because I know there’s no more procrastinating. With only a little time left, we still have to get our marriage license this week, finalize a schedule of events for that day and order programs, make the final payments to all the vendors, and compile all the reception decor together. We’ll probably be meeting with our officiant once more and then practice at the rehearsal, of course. I won’t be getting any special treatments like a facial or hair coloring, but I will be getting my hair cut one week before the wedding and my nails done the day of the rehearsal.
Other than taking care of final details for ourselves like getting last minute necessities for the honeymoon (like sunscreen) and packing our bags, that’s pretty much it. We aren’t going to be getting a cake knife set because our caterer will be providing that. Since it’ll just be me (and maybe my sister), I don’t need to make any manicure appointments in our small town. There won’t be a seating chart and we’re not writing our own vows, which definitely frees up a lot of our planning time. We don’t have to worry about distributing decor, favors, etc. to different people because the wedding will be small and we can just take care of those details ourselves.

One recommendation I have is to definitely get postcard stamps to put on the rsvps if you can. At least from my experience with people either losing them or just flat out refusing to send them back, postcard stamps are much cheaper so you won’t be losing as much money when they aren’t returned.

Planning this wedding has been fun, but at the same time I’m kinda ready for this to all be done. I read in my planner that some brides miss planning once the wedding’s over, however I don’t think that will be me. I just wanna be married to Jacob already! ♥

~Mani Monday~
As we get closer to the wedding, I know I’ll be wearing more soft bridal polishes so I wanted to get in my colors while I still can. The one I chose to wear this week is by Sinful Colors and is called Energetic Red. It has a lot of warm undertones and can even look like a deep orange in certain lighting. Sally Hansen also has a gel polish called Redgy that looks very similar to this one, but I much prefer the Sinful Colors formula instead.
Energetic Red.JPG
What’s on your nails this week?


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