Tarte Rainforest Palette Tutorial

The best part about last month’s Boxycharm was definitely the fact that they included a Tarte eyeshadow palette. I hadn’t ever tried any eyeshadows from Tarte before, so that gave me the perfect opportunity. As I usually like to do with my Boxycharms, I challenged myself to put together a tutorial using as many products from the box as possible. But with the palette, Tarte had included a little note card providing two options for how to combine the shadows. I’ve never followed anything like that before, so I decided to add that into the mix. One option was a super dark cat eye (Riptide Wing) and the other was a more warm brown smokey eye, which is of course the one I went with.
They’re calling this the Sunset Smoky eye and just as I would do before creating any eyeshadow look, we have to start by priming the eyes. This look is a little bit darker on the lid than what I typically do daily and incorporates a lot of browns, so I’m using one of my favorite Maybelline Color Tattoo Eye Chromes in the shade Beige Luster. This will help the eyeshadow stay in place all day and also provides a soft brown color base.
Step 1.JPG
Instead of using a base shade or applying a transition color to the crease like I usually would, today’s look will go straight into using one color all over the eyelid. I’m taking the shade Sunset from the Rainforest of the Sea Volume II palette on a Morphe E30 brush and blending that over my entire eye. The notecard I was following instructed to bring this color out into a deep wing shape on the outer corner of the eye, but I chose to skip that. I also brought this color underneath the lower lashline on a small pencil brush from Crown Brush.
Seaside.jpgStep 2.JPGStep 3.JPG
To soften the edges of that a little bit and provide more dimension, I’m taking the shade Marina and placing that right above the edge of the Seaside shade on both my upper lid and lower lashline. In the crease, I placed that shade down with a small Elf Contour brush first and then blended it out with a BMX-430 brush from the Moda Brush Set that was also included in last month’s Boxycharm. For the lower lashline, I just used the same Crown brush after removing the previous color on a washcloth. You can find more information on that hack here.
Marina.jpgStep 4.JPGStep 5.JPGStep 6.JPG
Now we’ll start creating a soft halo shape on the eye, which is pretty popular right now. I’m taking the beautiful gold shade called Sunset and placing that directly on the center of both the upper lid and lower lashline. This step is much easier if you apply it with your finger first and then blend with a small shader brush. By placing a brighter shimmery shade like this on the center of the eye, it’ll really reflect the light and make the eyes look bigger from the center rather than from the inner half of the lid like I would usually do.
Sunset.jpgStep 7.JPGStep 8.JPG
We’re almost done! Now we just need to take the shimmery white shade called Pearl and place that underneath the brow bone to make that area appear bigger. I also blended this right on the inner corner of the eye to brighten up the whites of the eye. This is the shade that the note card suggests to use, but I think I would’ve preferred using Conch instead because I’m not as big of a fan of shimmery brow bone highlights.
Pearl.jpgStep 9.JPGStep 10.JPG
Using the bellápierre Cosmetics Gel Eyeliner Pencil also included in my August Boxycharm, I’m smudging that slightly along both the upper and lower lashlines only going less than halfway across. Although the instructions said to tightline, that’s not my favorite technique. So I just applied this as much as I wanted and moved on. I would typically recommend to set this with a black eyeshadow, but since I’m trying to use this palette exclusively I just left it a little smudgey looking.
Step 11.JPG
Finishing up by curling the lashes twice with a heated lash curler and applying three coats of the new Lancome Monsieur Big mascara. Believe it or not, this mascara is actually pretty impressive so I don’t have to bring in any other products to get my lashes to look the way I want them to.
Here’s a close up of the final look:
And a quick, more condensed guide recapping every step we just did for easy reference:
I’ve been inspired by eyeshadow application suggestions before, but I’ve never followed anything as closely as I did this time. It was actually pretty fun trying to create something that I wouldn’t typically come up with myself. I honestly thought this was going to come out a lot darker than it actually did and I’m really happy with the results.

If you recreate this look or get inspired to do something similar, please tag me on any of my social media. Links are at the bottom of the post. I would love to see what you come up with! Have you ever created a halo eye before? What’s your favorite eyeshadow combo?

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