September Favorites

I wish I could tell you how excited I am that it’s Fall now, but that basically doesn’t exist in Florida. I actually think it’s gotten hotter this month than it has been all Summer. There were days that I started sweating just walking to and from my car while running errands. That’s okay, though, because I hate the cold so I am not complaining at all! With this being the last month before I get married, I’m sure you can imagine how busy I’ve been planning for all the last minute wedding details. When I’m super busy, I pretty much stick to products I know I love just for convenience. However, I do have a few new beauty loves, some fashion, and many random favorites to share with you.
This is going to sound so weird, but I’m basically completely obsessed with Anjelah Johnson. I watch all of her comedy specials and pretty much stalk all of her Instagram stories on the daily. She’s hilarious, I love her! She always talks about her Claire’s hoops that she loves to wear and it got me thinking that I hadn’t worn hoops since I was in middle or high school. Of course, I’m all about my gold jewelry so I went to Burlington and picked up a pair of medium-sized gold hoops. I forgot how much fun hoops were!
One huge, kinda quirky thing about me is that I love when things smell good. When I smell good, my house, my car, it doesn’t matter. As long as my surroundings smell yummy, I’m automatically in a happy mood. I’ve mentioned before how much I’m obsessed with the Glade Plug-Ins and that my favorite scent is Hawaiian Breeze, but I got a new scent last time called Blue Odyssey and it’s definitely my new favorite. Well, let’s be real, the two scents are tied and this one is absolutely getting added to the rotation now.

At my bridal showers, we obviously handed out favor bags and one of the presents in it was a car air freshener from Bath & Body Works. Usually I just use the little trees and I’ve always been happy with those. I honestly had no idea that these would work so well. The scent I have in this one is called Golden Pineapple and it smells sooo good! I’ve had it in my car for almost two months and it’s still going strong. I’ll definitely be replacing it when it needs a new refill, sorry little trees.
Air fresheners.JPG
My sister got this candle for me a long time ago and it’s one of those things that smelled so good, I didn’t wanna use it up. I kept it in our bedroom, but almost never burned it. You can usually find these Scentsational natural soy candles at TJMaxx or Marshalls. Soy candles are supposed to last longer and since I’ve finally started burning this one, I can definitely tell a difference between this and normal candles that I have that aren’t soy. This particular one is called Storm and every time I light it, I always wish there was a way to make it into a lotion or body spray because I want this scent everywhere. It smells so delicious like berries and warm vanilla. It also has a beautiful rose gold lid making it perfect for decor purposes.
Still talking about yummy smelling things, I also have a favorite lotion and soap to mention. I typically like bright, refreshing, sweet scents such as the previous items I just mentioned. I’m not usually drawn to the fresh, floral scented products but I’ve had this Bath & Body Works White Citrus lotion sitting on my shelf for too long. I really needed to use it up, so I’ve been applying it to my feet after the shower every night before I go to bed. These lotions are very moisturizing and I’m so surprised with how much I’ve been enjoying this scent. It’s very light and clean.

I always buy Dial antibacterial soap to refill our dispensers with at the sinks and although this Himalayan Pink Salt scent isn’t antibacterial, I don’t mind it as much because of how perfect it smells. The Dial soaps aren’t usually very strong smelling, which is something I’ve always wished they changed about their products. However, I can smell this one as soon as I pump it out of the dispenser and the scent really does linger for awhile on your hands. This will definitely be the one I repurchase from now on. Next time you’re in the store, pick this up and smell how refreshing it is.
Moving into more beauty related products, I’ve really been enjoying this Royal & Langnickel Moda Pro Brush Set that I received in last month’s Boxycharm. I love all three that were in the set, but specifically the BMX-250 chisel blender brush for concealer and the BMX-130 pointed blush brush for bronzer. These are so soft on the skin and blend out product beautifully. I’ve also really been liking my Morphe E30 brush that I just featured in my Tarte tutorial. That was the first time I had pulled this brush out in a while and I forgot how quickly it applies product all over the eye.
I don’t even think I need to say anything about this product. Just by seeing the picture, I’m sure you can remember how much I raved about this Garnier BB Cream when I first got it. I have been trying out different products for a while and finally decided to bring this back out again. I still love it just as much as I did when I first discovered it and have now been using it almost everyday again. It’s just such a perfect product!
BB Cream.JPG
I didn’t like this Ulta Beauty Nude Matte Eyeshadow Primer when I first got it because it separated very easily and every time I tried to get the product out, it would mostly be oil and didn’t hold onto shadow very well. Now that I’ve had it longer and most of the oils in the tube have come out, it’s a much better consistency and increases the wear time of my eyeshadows. My favorite way to use this particular one, though, is when I’m doing a super natural “no makeup” makeup look because this has pigmentation in it to hide veins on the eyelid without appearing like you have any product on your skin.
Look, y’all! I have the Blinc Electric Eyes palette that’s all in one piece. Boxycharm did finally send me a replacement for the broken one that I had received and I’ve still been playing with these shadows pretty frequently. I’m really enjoying the more peachy toned looks like I featured in my tutorial with this palette, but I also just like coming into it for the lightest shimmery shades because they’re so incredibly pigmented and buttery. After trying this palette, I definitely want to look more into what Blinc Cosmetics has to offer.
The second palette that I’ve really been enjoying this month is the new Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Volume II eyeshadow palette that I also received in my August Boxycharm. As I mentioned in my full review of this, I’m really impressed by the consistency and texture of these shadows. The shade selection they chose to include is perfect for what I like to use and they’re very easy to work with. I’ve never had a problem with these fading throughout the day or merging together.
As if you haven’t heard enough about the new L’oreal Lash Paradise mascara from every beauty blogger on the planet, here I am again with both the original and the waterproof version. I’ve been using these almost exclusively this entire month and I’m still blown away every time I apply it. Since I have both versions, I like to apply one coat of the waterproof followed by two coats of the regular one when I know I’m going to have a long day. The waterproof holds a curl better and ensures that the lashes stay in place after hours of wear.
I can’t tell you enough how much I recommend every single product that I just mentioned in this post. They’ve all been amazing and have made life so much easier. And seriously, if you haven’t checked out Anjelah Johnson’s comedy yet, you are really missing out. Remember the nail salon joke back from 2007? Yea, I told you she’s hilarious!!

If you have any other questions about any of the products I mentioned, please feel free to leave them for me in the comments section below. Have you tried any of these products before? What were some of your favorites this month?

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