Lancome Definicils Mascara Review

Lancome products don’t make it into my makeup collection very often for a variety of reasons. Besides their typically large price tags, I haven’t ever been too impressed with any of their products that I have tried. I’ve had their Definicils mascara for quite a while now and although I didn’t really like it the first few times I tested it out, I decided to give it another shot after being more impressed with their new Monsieur Big mascara that I recently tried. This one is much different because it’s marketed as a lengthening mascara rather than volumizing.
I did receive this from Influenster many, many months ago which is how it ended up in my collection. You can find this mascara in department stores, in Ulta, or Sephora and the price is $28 for .23 oz of product. The cost is a little high considering you get less than the average amount of product in the tube, but that should’ve been expected coming from such a high-end brand. They do offer three different shades, as well as a waterproof version, but I’ve only ever tried the original black mascara.
Mascara wand.JPG
It does have traditional bristles, as you can see in the picture above, and they’re pretty far apart instead of being bunched together. I do prefer rubber bristles better because I feel like they’re easier to work with to set my lashes exactly where I want them. The wand is my least favorite part of this mascara. Because the bristles are so far apart, it’s difficult to separate each individual lash and they tend to clump together pretty quickly.

In the picture below, you can see the entire application process. Starting with my bare, almost non-existent lashes, I curled them twice with a heated lash curler, and then applied three coats of mascara. You can immediately see the product on the first layer, but there’s not much difference between the second and third coats. Adding the third coat is actually when I started experiencing the most clumps. I tried to build up some volume, but that wasn’t happening. This is clearly a lengthening-only mascara, unfortunately.
Below is a better comparison photo of what my lashes looked like before and after the application process. You can definitely tell a difference in that my lashes are more noticeable, fairly dark, and have more length than before. I think it looks fine and if you already have more thick lashes to begin with, this mascara would be a really great option.
For my preference, this just doesn’t provide as much drama as I’d like to see. The length is fine, but I definitely need more volume and I’d like to see the color a little darker. They do offer a Deep Black shade, which is probably what I would recommend. Although I don’t necessarily like layering this by itself, it does provide nice results when paired with the Monsieur Big mascara. As per my usual mascara routine, I apply two layers of the volumizing one first (Monsieur) and then follow with two coats of the lengthening one (Definicils). The combination between the two give me the intense lashes that I like to see. However, if I were to just choose one, I’d go with the Monsieur mascara because I can get some length, as well as volume, out of that one.

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