Nail Polish Declutter

My nail polish collection has been getting way out of hand for quite a while now, I just always refused to admit that it was actually becoming a problem. It’s gotten so bad that there’s no ignoring it anymore, something had to be done. Something should probably be done about most of my makeup collection, but I’m choosing to ignore that until it gets too ridiculous also. I did, however, recently declutter my closet because I could no longer see the clothes that I actually like and walking into a clean, organized closet every day makes me feel so much better. I’m hoping the same will happen with these nail polishes that I have overflowing everywhere!
I started first by looking at nail polishes that I just don’t wear anymore. I picked out a lot, which ended up being mostly from Claire’s. I bought so many nail polishes with my discount when I used to work there years ago and now I just don’t reach for them anymore. These few are still fine as far as consistency goes, so I let my sister pick some that she might wear. There’s nothing really wrong with any of these, I just have other ones in my collection that I like more.
The other few that were still fine, but what I didn’t want to keep were from various brands. I had an Essie gold glitter that didn’t actually provide much glitter at all. There was a Finger Paints polish that I don’t think I even used once because the color didn’t get me too excited. I don’t know why I ever bought such a small pink polish, but it has a skinny brush to go with it and I never used it for anything. I also got rid of the only Zoya nail polish I’ve ever owned. I thought the color would be super pretty, but you could barely see this color even after three coats.  
I also had a lot of polishes that had been in my collection for way too long and are no good anymore. Again, I had a decent sized pile of Claire’s nail polishes. I told you I bought a lot! These were mainly their trendy type of polishes that didn’t last as long. Claire’s polishes are pretty much known for their layered bottles. I remember seeing those as a kid, but once I finally got them when I was older they weren’t as good as I thought they’d be. They pretty much just ended up looking like a mess of colors that didn’t always come out very flattering. When I was there, they also came out with sun changing and magnetic polishes. Both of those actually worked pretty well, mine are just too goopy to use anymore.
Claires old.JPG
This beautiful bright pink Piggy Polish used to be one of my favorites. I wore it all the time because the color went with absolutely everything and it was so fun and bright. Unfortunately this one went bad quite a long time ago. I just couldn’t ever get rid of it because I loved it so much. The separation anxiety with this one was real! Not for Sally Hansen’s Blue Me Away, though, I couldn’t wait to get rid of that. The consistency of it hadn’t gone bad yet, but as you might have seen in my recent fails post it stains your nails. I’ve experienced that with some polishes before, but this one was just too horrible that I had to throw it away.
Random old.JPG
Once I was done, I organized them back how I always do. You can find more on that here. I think the whole point of getting rid of all of these is to make room so that my collection is no longer overflowing and getting out of control. It seems to be that way now that these are out of the way, but I have a strong feeling it won’t last. I know I’ll just end up using that as an excuse to buy more! Yippie!!

~Mani Monday~
I’m not exactly sure what made me choose this color this week, but it’s fun! I think it was because I have been doing more darker and neutral colors lately that I wanted something a little more vibrant and colorful. This one is by Sinful Colors and is called Envy. I remember not being too sure about it on my hand when I first got it, but I’ve definitely gotten used to it now. I just kept it simple this time, even though I usually like to pair it with a gold accent because they compliment each other so well together.
What’s on your nails this week?


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