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I hope everyone had an absolutely wonderful Christmas!! Now we can all relax a little bit and get ready for the new year. I love having holidays right after each other because I never want them to end and these are my favorite three weeks of the year. I get Christmas, New Years, and my birthday all a week apart, it’s great! Although I’m sure many of us are burnt out from Christmas shopping, there’s always some amazing deals after Christmas also! There’s so much to list off, so I organized it into my top five categories of items I’m always looking for during after Christmas sales.
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Christmas Wrap
This goes for all different things that you use for wrapping presents. It could be anything from wrapping paper, boxes and bags to bows, ribbons and name tags. Christmas cards are also something great to pick up right now. And yes, sending out handwritten Christmas cards is still a thing!
Christmas Decorations
This goes for pretty much any holiday. The sales on decorations after the actual day are much better because stores are ready to bring in the new inventory. Right now is the best time to stock up on inside and outside Christmas decorations including Christmas lights, fake Christmas trees, festive pillows, candles, linens, china, anything you might want to decorate your home with.
Gift Baskets
There’s always gift baskets still left on the shelves after Christmas, so this is the perfect excuse to treat yourself. Gift baskets could include food items, chocolates, pampering bath sets, and (my personal favorite) makeup. These are a great way to try many different things from a brand that you might have been curious about. Last year, I picked up one from Benefit Cosmetics and it included six different products for me to try from across their brand.
Boxed gift sets
Leftover boxed gift sets, such as the shower speaker shown below, are a great way to buy interesting gifts at an affordable price. It’s something you could use right now if you were curious about the item or something you could save for next year’s gifts. These don’t go bad (like food baskets) and usually include fun games or nick nacks to mess around with.
Winter Accessories
Although we’re still in winter for a while, a lot of cozy winter accessories can go on sale after Christmas too. This is another great excuse to spoil yourself or to stock up on presents to save for next year. It could include warm pajamas or just clothes in general. Winter accessories such as scarves, gloves, hats, socks, slippers, purses, blankets, sheets. Anything warm and cozy!
I hope you found this helpful! It’s always a little sad when Christmas is over, but shopping always makes everything better. Do you have any holiday traditions before or after Christmas? Let me know in the comments, I’d love to hear about them!!

~Mani Monday~
I received this polish in the mail not too long ago, but I’m not exactly sure where it came from or if it’s readily available in stores. It’s an OPI polish in the shade Beyond Yoga Nova, which is mainly silver with some blue green iridescent tones to it. I’ve only tried a few OPI nail polishes in the past, but I think I remember them being pretty good quality. I thought this was a great shade for New Year’s coming up this weekend and I’m really hoping it’ll last until then!
What’s on your nails this week?


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