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Christmas is right around the corner! With just a little more than two weeks left to go, it’s time to buckle down and get all that shopping done. After all, wrapping them is a whole different chore in itself that takes time too. If you’re having difficulty thinking about what to get those special women in your life, I’ve put together this gift guide that will hopefully make things a little easier. And remember, make sure to sign up for Ebates before you do any online shopping to get your cash back. It helped me a lot last year and now I won’t ever shop online without it!
I wear a watch almost every day. I just like being able to look down at my wrist to tell the time because I’m too lazy to grab my phone out of my purse. #lazygirlproblems ;) Jord Wood Watches recently sent me one of their watches and it is absolutely gorgeous! I’ve never heard of wood watches before, but I think it’s so sleek looking and it’s super lightweight. The one I have is Zebrawood & Champagne. The face of it is one of my favorite parts because I love how simple and clean it looks. You can visit their website here to get an instant $25 off gift code for a watch of your choice!
Blanket scarves are super popular this year and I am loving it. I add a scarf to almost all my winter outfits because I am always cold. Whoever came up with the idea of making it trendy to walk around with a blanket definitely deserves a gold medal! You can find blanket scarves almost anywhere now, but I’m really loving the colors on this Steve Madden one. The ivory plaid is really bright and offers many options for what to pair it with.
I’m completely coffee obsessed and I love collecting coffee cups. Seriously, I don’t think I can fit one more in my cabinet right now. But that doesn’t ever stop me from wanting more. I am willing to store some away if it means adding more adorable mugs for the season. Target always pulls through with the cutest cups and offers a wide variety all year round.
It’s been going around in the beauty community lately how beneficial humidifiers can be for your skin. So what’s better than a humidifier and an essential oil diffuser in one?? There’s plenty that are available, but I found this one on Amazon that had really high ratings. It has different mist settings and can change colors. Great skin here we come!
I don’t even think I have to say anything about this one. It’s basically been almost impossible to miss me raving about this StudioMakeup On-the-Go palette recently. I love every single shade and although it comes at a higher price than what I would usually recommend for a makeup palette, I think this is one that is worth every penny! If you need any more convincing, just check out my tutorial and my full review to see why I love it so much.
Aside from coffee cups, and essentially everything in the entire store, Target also offers a great selection of candles. And what girl doesn’t love candles?? There’s a scent for almost everything and watching the flame is undeniably relaxing. I really like the sound of the woodwick candles, but have also recently been interested in the soy candles because they are said to last longer.
Every girl wears a purse, it’s just what we do. It’s an accessory that comes with us everywhere and I have the mindset that you can never have too many. I saw these adorable handbags from Apt. 9, which are sold at Kohl’s and thought they were too cute. Bows are really popular right now and although I did see other colors, I think the burgundy and beige are perfect for winter.
Slipper socks have to be the greatest invention ever, aside from blanket scarves of course. I always have super cold feet, so I have a ton of slippers stacked in my closet. But I think slipper socks are my absolute favorite. They’re much softer, not as big and bulky on the feet, and much easier to wash. These are another item that can be found almost anywhere now, but these particular ones (again with the bows) are at Walmart.
I’ve used electric toothbrushes for as long as I can remember and I was always satisfied with the way my Colgate or Crest ones would perform. I didn’t really see the reason to invest in one of the Philips Sonicare toothbrushes. That is, until I was given one as a gift at Christmas a few years ago. Now I will never go back and it is something I always recommend. I saw this pink one at Target the other day and got so excited! I mean, come on, it’s pink!
The last item I have to suggest is a super soft and snuggly blanket. I’m one of those people that have to touch every soft thing I see in every store and I have to tell you, TJ Maxx, Ross, and Marshalls always have the softest throw blankets. And of course they’re going to be at an affordable price. It’s never guaranteed in stores like that what styles you’ll be able to find, but I’ve never been in there and didn’t see one I wanted to take home.
I hope you found this gift guide helpful. All of these things are (or have been) on my wishlist. I tried to include a variety of options in a wide price range, as well as a few things that could be easily accessible at a store close to you. Cozy options are something you can never go wrong with and gifting accessories means you don’t have to worry about sizes. Good luck on the rest of your shopping!

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