Crown Brush Glam Metals Eyeshadow Palette Review

Eyeshadow has to be one of my favorite parts about makeup. Aside from blush, bronzer, mascara, concealer, and everything else. Just kidding, I love it all! But eyeshadows definitely take up the majority of my makeup collection. There’s so many different finishes and colors that it’s almost impossible to have too many. When I get a new eyeshadow, especially a palette, I know exactly what I’m looking for and how I’m going to judge it. I would say I have some pretty high standards when it comes to how an eyeshadow palette performs, but with the market so saturated with a trillion different options there’s no reason to settle for less than the best. This Glam Metals palette from Crown Brush kept me wondering and it took quite a while to figure it out completely. It’s definitely different!

I got this palette in my January Boxycharm and I honestly was not too excited about it when I first saw it. I love Crown Brush and the quality of products that I’ve come to expect from them, but the shade selection really had me concerned. I automatically knew it’s not a palette that can be used on its own, it definitely needs other products to complete a look. But aside from that, I liked the size of the packaging and the cute theme they had going on.

It does have standard cardboard packaging and shuts with a magnetic pull. There is no applicator included with it, but it does have a mirror in the shape of a guitar. I understand that they were trying to do something different, which I can appreciate, I just don’t think it’s very practical. I don’t usually use the mirrors included in palettes, but I can see this being very difficult when trying to view a completed look.
This palette can be purchased on the Crown Brush website for $30. I actually think that’s much higher of a price point than this should be, considering you only get nine shades and you’ll most likely have to use other products in combination with it. There’s other palettes from different brands in an almost identical layout for a much more affordable price. The quality of the eyeshadows is pretty good, but with it being an add-on type of palette I don’t think it should be priced where it’s at.

The nine eyeshadows that you get in the palette all have names underneath them, which I’m very grateful for. The shades are: Punk, Wild Thing, Black Metal, Rock On, Rebel, Heavy Metal, The Wicked, Glam Rock, and Pop Rock. I love that they kept all the shade names to match the theme of the palette. It’s always more fun that way.
Out of the nine shadows, Black Metal is the only true matte shade and it’s not very impressive. It’s pretty patchy and more of a gray than anything else. Wild Thing, The Wicked, and Glam Rock have more of a satin finish with just a few specks of glitter in them. The other five shades are all shimmers. Aside from Black Metal, they all blend very easily and are pretty pigmented. They have a mostly average wear time, fading after about 7-8 hours with a primer.

Overall, I think it’s a cute idea it’s just not my type of product. I’m not a big rocker type of girl, I don’t wear very many dark colorful shades, and I prefer matte finishes. Along with all of those things and the price, I can’t say that it’s one I would recommend. I will use it now that it’s in my collection (stay tuned for a tutorial coming up on Wednesday), but it’s not something that I would tell you to run out and buy immediately.

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One thing I enjoy doing is asking my husband for advice on what nail color I should wear for the week, just for fun out of curiosity to see what he says. This week he said blue and then I immediately knew what I wanted to wear. I thought about this Sinful Colors polish in the shade Tidal Wave the other day and had completely forgotten about it until he said something. I usually love Sinful Colors and their formula, but this one is a little more streaky during application which is why I don’t wear it very often. Regardless, though, the color is perfect for Spring!
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